Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I have the wonderful privilege to be a part of our church worship team. Each Sunday, I am able to stand and sing and lead our congregation in worship. There's only one problem....we're leading....the people aren't following. Our team as been frustrated with the sea of stone faces we see each week. People looking out the window, chatting with their friends, kids standing on the backs of the pews while adults encourage them to do so, expressionless, emotionless, heartless.... It's all so very sad and all so very frustrating.

God has SO MUCH for us! If only we would realize that --the power that we could tap into! Another team member said so eloquently earlier this evening...we're so quick to be in the first row at the circus or the ball game --yet take a back seat in church ---not at all eager to worship or hear what the Lord has laid on the Pastor's heart. Why is this? Why are we so apathetic to worship? Where's the zeal? Where's the excitement? If Jesus were there (and He is) ..but you know what I mean...if we were PHYSICALLY ABLE to SEE Him in the flesh --standing in the aisle of the church --or sitting amongst would our worship change?!

I challenge every Christian who is reading this post ---worship the Lord with your WHOLE heart. He requires that we worship Him in spirit and in truth. Let's do it.

We Will Worship the Lamb of Glory --by Dennis Jernigan

We will worship the Lamb of glory
We will worship the King of kings
We will worship the Lamb of glory
We will worship the King

And with our hands lifted high,
We come before You and sing
With our hands lifted high,
We come before You rejoicing.
With our hands lifted high
To the sky
And the world wonders why

We'll just tell them we're loving the King...Oh
We'll just tell them we're loving the King


Birmingham Girl said...

Great blog. I think there are two (or possibly more!) reasons people don't get into worship. 1. They just plain and simple don't get it. 2. Pride. They will not let go of 'self'. They think people are watching them. Even though my mother has been a Christian her entire life, she's never let herself openly worship for fear of being looked at and scrutinized. I say scrutinize away...I'm going to worship with all my might!

Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Deb ... Thanks for visiting and commenting on my site. I think every once in a while a good serman on the purpose of worship is needed from the pulpit. But in general, we live in a society far removed from simple civil manners and brains that are so wired for "entertainment" value from the media that we don't leave room to nurture our worshiptime with the Lord.
birmingham girl touched on a similar subject about people skipping the wedding vows of a friend and only showing up for the reception. Makes for pretty shallow and thoughtless people that are missing out on such a blessing.