Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Flying High

On Friday we'll be embarking on an adventure! We fly to Florida for a week's vacation. ...praying for good weather. Brillo Man has checked and it calls for rain the whole week!!! OH NO! I'll be taking Olivia to DisneyWorld on Thursday, the 25th, to celebrate her 7th birthday. (Brillo Man has opted out as he is in so much pain from his hip which needs replaced (again) that he's not sure he's up to hiking through the parks.) just can't rain! Olivia has been looking forward to this trip for months!

I hope to catch up on some blogging while we're there. I'm taking the laptop. I'm fairly sure that they have free Wi-Fi access at our resort.

I'll be praying for you all (especially you, Sara!) while I'm gone.

Bob and Sue --keep an eye on the house for us!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good News!

The following occurred on May 12th. I started to draft a post that day and never got back to it. I decided it was high time to spread this good news!

...Let me tell you....

Sunday morning in church (May 12th), we had an awesome time of praise and worship. At one point my friend Judy spoke up saying that the Lord was speaking to her and saying that He wanted to do miracles. Pastor Kent grabbed that opportunity and ran with it - he asked if there were any who wanted a miracle, whether it be financial, emotional, physical, etc. Well, God knows that there are a lot of miracles that I need in my life, so I went forward. Not for any particular need - but just to be present for whatever God wanted to do in my life.

I knelt down at the altar. Mind you, I DON'T kneel - for it's not any easy task for me to rise from the floor once I'm there. Between the MS and the bad knees, I'm not as limber as I once was. But, knelt I did, as I followed the Holy Spirit's prompting.

After a wonderful time of prayer and praise and singing and fellowship around the altar with all my brothers and sisters in Christ, I managed to rise without too much difficulty. (Too much difficulty in my book means that I got up without falling down again!)

It being Mother's Day, Pastor Kent told a wonderful story about Mothers (which at this point in writing - a month later - I've seemed to have forgotten the details...) He then gave us each the most beautiful orange/peach rose which graced my table for days afterward.

After church, I came home and went to sleep because I had to work that night. Since I had a bit of a cold and sore throat, when I left for work, I wanted to stop at StuffMart to buy some lozenges to take to work to help my throat while working. The air tends to be very dry in the lab. I didn't take the time to get an electric scooter - which is what I usually do when at StuffMart. Walking around that big store is too much for me. Instead, I hurried to the pharmacy section - then hurried clear to the OTHER end of the StuffMart Super Center because that's the only end where the registers were open - then hurried clear back to the Pharmacy side because that's where I had parked my van. It wasn't until I was almost in my van that I realized that I had just taken all those steps with not one single pain in my arthritic knees! And I worked all night long with no pain in my knees. I have been dealing with arthritic pain in my knees for months - perhaps years. God had indeed given me my miracle - he healed my knees!

I met my dear friend Dawna for breakfast and even she was amazed at how I was able to keep up with her instead of doing my usual hobbling around the restaurant and parking lot! God is good!

It's now been a month --and I still have no pain in my knees! Now if I'm hobbling, it's because of MS stuff and how it affects my legs...but I'm believing that if God has taken care of one issue - He's perfectly capable (of course!) of taking care of the rest --and I'm just waiting on Him to finish the great work He has begun!

I rejoice that He cares for me and blesses me in spite of my neglect of Him. In spite of the sin in my life. In spite of all the times when I should be spending time with Him and instead am wrapped up in myself and what I think needs to be done.

He is an amazing God. One who cares about each detail of our lives. I'm thankful to be His child and amazed by His grace!

But for you who revere my name,
the sun of righteousness will rise
with healing in its wings.
-Malachi 4:2a

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Tagged by Trish

Trish tagged me. If you would like to play along...

  • Find your 6th photo file
  • Choose the 6th photo in the file
  • Post and tell story and
  • Tag 6 friends to carry meme forward

    Here is the sixth photo in my sixth file...

    This is one that I had captured from Olivia's elementary school website. On their class trip to the Pittsburgh Children's Museum, several of the girls were putting on a play production. Olivia (on the right in the purple - her very favorite color - skirt) was playing the part of "The Very Ancient Queen". She was talking to the mean witch telling her to cast her spells out of her castle and leave the princess alone. This was a play that they made up on the spot... Too bad I wasn't there to see it first hand. But here it little drama queen. (If you only knew how true that statement is!)

    And here's something interesting that I just remembered; when I was in 1st grade, I played the part of "The Queen" in the school play, Chicken Little. mother, like daughter!!

    The city streets will be filled
    with boys and girls playing there.
    -Zechariah 8:5

  • Tuesday, June 02, 2009

    Eight Years ago today....

    I love you, Randy...
    ...with all my heart!

    This was taken by Olivia during our vacation last September.