Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Happenings

Today was the Halloween Parade at school. Olivia was Dorothy - and Bentley thinks he's Toto! She skipped her way through the gym as most of the other children walked. I think she was "following the yellow brick road!"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brillo Man Update

Brillo Man is doing okay. Surgery went well. The surgeon spent about 20 minutes with me afterward explaining in detail all that he was able to do to fix Randy's hip. He's confident that it's a good fix and that this hip will last him the rest of his life. Being a Christian, we also talked at length about the Lord's goodness and he prayed with me and gave me a hug before he left. I feel so blessed that we were directed to him - God is good. He's in the details.

I do ask that you continue to pray. I had to leave the hospital at 7 pm in order to be at church by 8 pm to pick up Olivia and get her home and tucked in bed. During that time, the nurse didn't give Brillo Man any pain medication. He called me in tears saying he was in the worst pain he's ever experienced in his life. The nurses weren't answering his calls and he was understandably very frustrated. I learned that they were switching his pain meds around and were waiting for the anesthesiologist to write the order. In the meantime - Brillo Man had no morphine drip - no dilaudid - no nothing! ugh. He needs me there to be his advocate...

Anyway...he's in the Lord's hands - which are the best hands in which to be, eh?

Thanks for your continued prayers!

Updates to follow as I'm able.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Prayer Request

Hi all ---just a quick reminder to pray for Brillo Man - hip revision surgery on Wednesday morning. We have to be at the hospital at 5:30 am. ugh. Mom has opted to come here and stay overnight. She will be making sure Olivia gets to school. My dear friend, Dawna, will pick Olivia up from school, feed her dinner and see that she's on time for church and Little Saints practice. I will be in the next town - just 20 miles away - at the hospital - praying my husband through this surgery!

Thanks for your prayers! I love you all! I'll try to post an update on Wednesday evening - if not, for sure on Thursday.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bentley and Wholehearted Friendship....

Here's Bentley - at his "post" by the front door - ready to bark at whatever bug happens to fly through his line of vision!

"Bentley!! If you don't stop barking you're going to drive me nuts! I'm about ready to give you away! You don't need to bark at every little bug that buzzes by the door!!"

"NO MOM! I want a dog!!"

"I want a dog too, Olivia, but Bentley is driving me nuts with his barking today."


"Olivia, that's just silly. You don't need a dog in order to be friends with Cassie. Besides, I thought the two of you were wholehearted friends again."

"Mom, it's in her rulebook....I...NEED...A...DOG!"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Flu Update

Well, we did go to church this evening and 3/4 of the way through the service, they came and got me to say that Olivia was sick. Complaining of a headache, ear and stomach problems.

Brillo Man has a very important pre-surgery doctor's appointment tomorrow and I have a very important neurologist's appointment. I'll be dropping Olivia off at my Mom's on the way to Pittsburgh. Please pray for a hedge of protection around Mom so she doesn't get sick! ...and for Brillo Man and myself too. If Randy gets sick, he would have to postpone his surgery and if I get sick --I get way sicker than most people when I'm just sick with the regular flu....and don't want to see what the swine flu will do to me!

I'm praying Psalm 91 over my family!!!

Thanks for your prayers!

Buying Stock in Hand Sanitizer...

Okay - just got an email from Olivia's teacher saying that Olivia "is complaining a LOT about head and ear and stomach. Just a heads up in case she is on her way to swine city." Ugh. Swine Flu is going around here in our school system. Why they don't close the schools for a week is beyond me....but anyway...Olivia came home from school and is very hoarse - has a sore throat and a stomach which is "feeling crummy."

Our dilemna is this: This evening, her church group, Little Saints, is having a practice. If she misses the practice, she won't be able to perform at The Harvest Party which our church is hosting on Halloween. She LOVES Little Saints. She agreed to go lie down and take a nap - which indicates to me that she is REALLY not feeling well.

I just want to drown us all in bleach!!! I'm on the CDC's list of "at high-risk of complications of serious illness" with this N1N1 because I have MS. ?! Makes no sense to me because with MS, my immune system works triple-overtime to attack my central nervous system....and I'm not often you would think that my increased immune response would be good to battle this swine flu virus. Apparently not - according to the CDC.

Okay --According to His stripes I am healed. I say "phooey!" to swine flu!!

Oh...and Olivia's Art Work pictured above has absolutely NOTHING to do with this post!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Wholehearted Friendship

"Mom, Cassie and I are wholehearted friends again!"

"You are?!"

"Yes, because we both have decided that it's the best thing."

"Well, that's awesome, Olivia! Remember the other day when you cried and cried because Cassie said that she wasn't going to be your friend anymore and I said that very soon she would change her mind?..."


"See...isn't it good that she's decided to be your friend again? You'll have to remember that the next time that she says she's not going to be your friend...remember that soon enough things will be back to normal and you'll be best friends again."

"Not BEST friends, Mom, we're WHOLEHEARTED friends!"

"That's even better!"

"You want to know why we're wholehearted friends?"

"Yes, why?"

"Because we've both decided that we hate Darren."


"Olivia, it's not nice to hate anyone. Jesus wants us to love everybody."

"I know Mom but he tore up the horse that I drew for him. Just how am I supposed to get past that? huh?! Jesus didn't like it very much when Darren tore up my horse drawing!"

"Jesus might have been disappointed in Darren, but Jesus still doesn't want you to hate him. You need to forgive Darren for tearing up your horse drawing."

"Okay - but I'm only going to forgive him this time. ...he does it again and he's going to get hit with Kung-Fu because my friend Dylan knows Kung-Fu and he's going to stand up to the crazy boy bully at recess so he'll for sure stand up to Darren!"

"Who is the crazy boy bully?"

"I don't know his name. I just call him crazy boy. NOW do you get it why I can't be friends with Darren?!"


" doesn't matter. I have to draw Cassie a picture because she's my wholehearted friend..."

"...and besides, Darren thinks I'm stupid because I got a library book about tomatoes. Well guess what?! Someday when I'm a famous tomato farmer THEN he'll be sorry!!"

Movie Monday - Dr. Pepper

Thursday, October 15, 2009

See Spot Run.

We're studying Olivia's 2nd grade spelling words for tomorrow's spelling quiz:

One of her words: appreciate

Whatever happened to Dick and Jane and Sally and Spot?!

When I was in 2nd grade, I was reading, "See Spot run. Spot runs fast.
Run, Spot, run!"

Appreciate?!?! ugh.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

He Provides...all the time!

Many of you know that I'm on a short-term disability leave from work due to some not-so-fun complications of my MS. As my salary is now greatly decreased, we're left to come up with some creative ways to bring income into the house. Since starting a three-ring circus was not an option (although there are days when I feel that we could do that!)...

...I decided to go back to my ebay selling.

Selling on Ebay takes a LOT of time. But --I'm not working - I have a LOT of time.

I poked my head into the garage...what treasures might I find in there?

We are collectors of many things...we never pass up something that's in resellable condition if we see it on the side of the road...brakes on...flashers on...van in park...GO!

We've been known to go dumpster diving. (We were out one day diving through the dumpster at our local furniture store hoping to score some very large boxes in order to pack up a very large item which had recently sold when I pulled out a BRAND NEW pair of Men's Tennis Shoes --they still had the tag on them and the paper stuffed in the toes!!! ?!?! The thing that really puzzles me is that The Good Shepherd Center is right down the street....why didn't they donate these?!)

Brillo Man used to go out scrapping before his hip got so bad that he can no longer do a lot of heavy lifting.

I am Queen of thrift shopping.

And I volunteer regularly at our local Good Sherherd Shepherd Center where I am fortunate enough to spot some great bargains before the Treasures store opens and can set them aside to purchase after my shift ends. (By the way...I donated those tennis shoes.)

All of these "treasures" that we find along the way have to go somewhere...they're in the garage...and in the shed...and in the other shed... Our neighbors can attest to the fact that until recently our van sat outside for two years because our garage was full of stuff to sell! We finally sold the commercial size dryer that was in there - someone drove from Iowa (or was it Idaho?) to pick it up. He got a great deal for his tent-washing business (I didn't know there was such a thing as a tent-washing business) and we regained the space in the garage - as well as a couple of extra dollars for groceries! (And I'm parking in the garage again!)

Just last week while volunteering at The Good Shepherd Center, my friend and coworker for the day (Dawna!) was setting out a White Hobnail Chenille Bedspread....Hmmm...let me see that...It was marked "Double Size" - I bought it. When I brought it home I noted that it was 100% cotton and was in very good condition with no stains.... I listed that baby on Ebay - yesterday it sold for $27.38 --my investment: $1.00

Several weeks ago I attended the library book sale and purchased four bags of books on "everything-you-can-fit-in-a-bag-for-$4.00" day. Filling 1/4 of one bag was a set of young teen romance series books...Sweet Valley High. I picked up 37 of them. They sold for $45.50! Someone got a great deal on those books which MORE than made up for my entire investment of $16.00 ...and I still have plenty more books to sell!

An old copper, hand-hammered tray which Brillo Man picked up when scrapping one night just sold yesterday for a little over $13.00. It all adds up...(in fact this month our Ebay sales total over $1000.00) and with every sale I praise God for His provision for our family.

My all-time best finds have been the book that I purchased at a firehouse booksale. The book was a 1945 copy of Alice in Wonderland - had some great prints in it and was in very good shape. It sold to a book collector in The Netherlands for $38.00. My cost for the book: 10 cents! Another favorite find was at an auction - everything in the box for $1.00 - I bought the box. In the bottom were three antique hat pins. Two were not fancy - plain black beads adorning the top...the third had an enameled bead which read "Slippery Rock State Normal School 1898" An alumnus from the now Slippery Rock University purchased all three hat pins on Ebay for $68.00!

Okay --gotta dash--time to check my Ebay listings! Five items I'm selling are ending today and my "Lot of EIGHT Sterling Silver Bracelets L@@K! Great Gift" is up to $10.49 - my investment: $0.00 --found in a box in an apartment in a nearby town which Brillo Man cleared out for the apartment manager. Someone is going to get a great deal! (Any silver lovers out there? Sara?)

Monday, October 05, 2009

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Eagle Eyes

Olivia's "eagle eyes" at top performance, she glanced out the window..."LOOK MOM! It's an eagle!" We grabbed the binoculars...sure enough - it was a bald eagle. We went outside and watched it for 15 minutes or so - thought perhaps it would swoop down into the pond for a fish, but it never did. You can click on the photo to supersize it. I was across the pond when I took the photo so it's still small - but you can definitely see that it's a bald eagle! We see them every now and then. Once I was privileged to see one swoop down and grab a fish for breakfast!

So here is Brillo Man today...out on his John Deere...completely oblivious to the fact that an eagle is high above...watching over him with great interest. (Interestingly, if you measure from the top of the eagle's head to the tip of its tail - it's the same distance as the top of Brillo Man's hat to his waist! A huge and majestic bird indeed!)

"...A great eagle with powerful wings,
long feathers and full plumage of varied colors
came to Lebanon (Greenville).
Taking hold of the top of a cedar (hemlock.)"
-Ezekiel 17:3

Friday, October 02, 2009

Something to Check Out:

Started by some Christian women --another Sisterhood - this time it's
The 9.12 Moms - A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots

You don't have to be a can be a Grandma, an Aunt, etc. It's something of which you may want to be a part. Prayerfully consider it!

School Picture Day

Today is school picture day. I chose to snap a few photos of my own as I know once picture time arrives, there will be no curl left in Olivia's on this dreary, rainy day in Greenville! ....I'm headed off to the kitchen to whip up tonight's dessert - a recipe from my dear Scarf Sister Trish! I trust you all are having a wonderful day as you recognize God's blessings in every minute! ...just look for'll find them!