Friday, June 27, 2008

4 am in the Lab

It's 4 am --a quiet night thus far in the hospital laboratory. I thought I'd take a break and type a blog entry.

After two weeks of working the midnight shift --I am off this morning and don't return until Monday at 2:30 pm. YAHOO! What to do with all this time?!...

For one thing, we will be celebrating Olivia's sixth birthday. Her birthday was on Wednesday and I didn't even get to hold her and love on her because she has been staying with my Mom. Mom volunteered to take her on a "vacation" while I worked the midnight shift, knowing full well that I wouldn't get much sleep during the days when Olivia would pounce all over my bed..."Is it time for you to get up yet Mom??!!" Praise God for Grandmas! My Mom has been incredible - offering to watch Olivia and keep her occupied for a few days. Not that Brillo Man isn't capable of doing the same --but it's nice for Olivia to have a little mini vacation at Grandma's - and it also gave Brillo Man some time to do some things around the house that he wanted to get done. Mainly - SCRAPPING. (He is the KING of SCRAP!)

....well....the "stat light" is flashing...meaning my break is over...gotta go save a life....more later