Friday, August 11, 2006


SIXTY-FIVE --the magic number.

The total amount of weight that I need to lose to be considered "normal" weight for my height - determined by using a body mass calculator.

I have lost over 100 still 65 to go and some days it seems like 6500 lbs and is way out of reach.

Like just now --it's 1am and my husband offered me a dish of Breyer's Snicker's Ice Cream. Was I hungry? no. Did I need to eat the ice cream? no. So much for losing a pound this week....especially considering 30 minutes before the ice cream I ate the last three Chips Ahoy cookies that I found while cleaning the pantry today. Did I blow it? yep. Big time.

I am of the "school" that I can eat whatever I want to eat --as long as I'm PHYSICALLY hungry. That method worked for me to help me lose 135 pounds....Then I got married and had a baby and promptly gained back 35 of those pounds because I was eating all the time --when I WASN'T hungry.

Now I'm finding that I'm "stuffing" again --don't know why --but for the past four days I can't eat enough to satisfy me. ugh.

I need help --from the only One who can help me get through and beyond this --Jesus.
So ---my prayer today is that I'll be able to stop eating when I'm satisfied and not overeat. May I turn to the Lord for my comfort --instead of the FOOD!

All you Bible-believing, prayin' Christians reading this --I covet your prayers!


Birmingham Girl said...

I think this is a battle that is not fought day by day, it's minute by minute..calling on the Lord for help! I so envy those people who say things like "I was so busy I forgot to eat". That has never happened to me in my entire 59 years on this earth. Right now there is a box of doughnuts sitting on my desk that a vendor brought in to work. Sweets are my weekness. Be gone you cursed doughnuts!!! Think I'll go take them to the guard cause their calling my name!

Sara said...

hi deb! first of all, i just wanted to say i am so glad that the Lord brought you into my life. you are a constant source of joy and encouragement to me! secondly, i'm stuffing too lately. let's agree together to unstuff and dance like David in victory!

Margie said...

great post!! I do that too...

Let's dance... and burn off an extra pound!

darling24_7 said...

Great work so far! :) It will be worth it.