Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wasted Time?

So, I sat down with my laptop - thinking I would very quickly check my Facebook account and then go about getting Olivia ready for a trip to Grandma's house. (A respite for Randy and I...not sure that it's going to be anything like that for my Mom...but OH, how I love her for her willingness to welcome Olivia with open arms for a few days!) Anyway...I found a facebook post from the Women of Faith conference which led me to a review by a fellow booksneeze blogger. And I then became completely enveloped in her words and spent over an hour reading through various posts of her blog, Rare Rocks. Felicity is an amazing writer and drew me right in - I was immediately captured by the story of her precious twin girls, one of whom is now in Heaven with Jesus...oh, how my mother's heart ached as I read the story of Ellery. I was reminded of the struggle Olivia faced being a premature baby. One, which fortunately, she overcame triumphantly. Ellery was not healed on this earth, but rather the Lord chose to take her Home. Her sister, Claire is connected to her emotionally in ways only the Father knows...Such a precious child!

One day, I may be reading Felicity's novel (sshhh..don't tell anyone she's writing a novel...that will be our secret!) but in the meantime, I will be following her blog. Why not stop by and read some of what she has to say...but make sure you have some time, because I guarantee you will be drawn in, just as I was! So now that I've wasted time (not!), I must get Olivia off to Grandma's house!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Book Review: The Final Summit

Although I have not read the prequel to this book, The Traveler's Gift... and a little unsure of this book at first, as I don't claim to be a history buff...the author took me in and held me in his grasp until the end! Andy Andrews is a master story-teller.
David Ponder's wife wife of 28 years is dead. And along with her went his will to live. (This was especially poignant as a friend of mine very recently lost his wife - I found myself seeing my friend in the character of David Ponder. The archangel Gabriel has chosen David Ponder to find the one principle that will save humanity. In the process...he meets travelers..A few of the historical characters include Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc and Eric Erickson. I don't want to spoil the message that finally comes in the end, but I will say that it is quite simple. The book provides so much food for thought that I'm sure will find this to be a book that will challenge as well as entertain, a rare combination. I highly recommend this you perhaps gain some tips to "work out your own salvation."