Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Soapbox of the Day

Why are we Christians (and I include myself in this) so eager to "brush aside" premarital sex? God says no. Yet we (and I include myself in this too) are so eager to point fingers at who may be going on vacation in Vegas or who may be smoking, or who may be chewing gum in the sanctuary?! What is up with us that we so easily dismiss premarital sex but will judge someone who is wearing jeans to church?

Is that "piece of paper" - the Marriage License important? --or is it just important that we have "made vows before God"? ---what about the legal system? As Christians, are we supposed to excuse that? We are supposed to obey the laws of the land, no? ---I'm just trying to understand why we so easily dismiss this whole issue. Is is because in our society we are so inundated with the message of sex --it's everywhere we look --television, radio, movies. Premarital sex is the "norm" rather than the "exception". We have become "numb" and don't hardly notice or think twice when we hear that people are living together outside of marriage, or having babies out of wedlock.

So, see ---I am a prude ---by the world's standards for sure -by the Lord's?...I'm not so sure. But admitedly, I don't often share this opinion because there are so many Christians who would accuse me of being "holier than thou". aargh.

All of us have sin in our lives. And I am in NO way judging those who make the choice to engage in premarital sex --because the Lord knows that I have PLENTY of areas in my life which need to change. The bottom line is that we are such imperfect people ---trudging through ---trying to do the right thing---and screwing up royally ---and God keeps on loving us --UNCONDITIONALLY. He is amazing. We take Him for granted.

Thoughts anyone?

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Birmingham Girl said...

Boy, I think your A/G roots run as deeply as mine! Can I join your "prude" team? I feel the same way and I don't think it has a thing to do with being holier than thou. I don't understand why the issue of premarital sex is no longer even an issue, except the church has become desensitized by the world. It has much greater impact then a Vegas vacation - like often times an unexpected pregnancy for one. Stand tall on the soapbox sister ~ I'm right there cheering you on with a big AMEN!