Friday, August 25, 2006

Chocolate --the New Health Food

Okay –here’s what I know.
I love chocolate.
Since I love chocolate, I’m assuming that God created me to love chocolate.
Therefore, chocolate must be good for me.
Sounds reasonable to me...

A study at the University of California has found eating chocolate increases levels of several classes of flavanoid which are thought to protect blood vessels. Matched molecule for molecule, chocolate flavanoids are more powerful than vitamins such as ascorbic acid in limiting the oxidation of LDL-cholesterol (that's the BAD cholesterol). Arteriosclerosis studies have suggested that oxidation of these lipoproteins is an essential step in the creation of artery-clogging plaque and therefore (here's the best part) chocolate can prevent arteries clogging up!

Cocoa also contains a wealth of phytochemicals and polyphenols which have significant antioxidant properties and may help to reduce the risk of developing cancer and heart disease.

In fact, tests have shown that cocoa powder has equivalent or greater antioxidant activities than many fruit and vegetables and even red wine. A 40-gram serving of dark chocolate typically contains around 800 milligrams of antioxidants, about twice the quantity in a glass of red wine.

If you love me and want to help me maintain a healthy heart....send me bags of Hershey's Dark Chocolate Kisses!

Bring on the Chocolate!!!


char said...

Amen sister! I'm with you!

Jada's Gigi said...

I'm right there! Have you heard the news??? they now make dark chocolate M&Ms!! Alright!

Anonymous said...

I'm off to junk mart....checking out the health food (aka chocolate)aisle.....

Who would you guess that I am ? said...

You're so not right!

Good thing I love you so much!

Hey can you get me so big word healthy reasons to eat cookies and cream ice cream.

Yum Yum....Can I have some?

Gene Black said...

Ha..that proves you belong in the Sharpie Scouts!
I have been touting this health food for YEARS.