Monday, October 21, 2013

In Silence I Sit

In silence I sit waiting.

Yet the noise is overwhelming.

When will Your voice be heard

above the din

above the noise

above the barking in my head?

The voice that calls from within,

calls to You

to be heard

to be recognized

to be healed.

Those around me tell me to be still-

be still and know You are God.

They offer prayers

and words of comfort,

Yet their words do not penetrate

through the noise.

For it is not hearing I lack.

It is my sight.

When will I see?

When will I see?

When will I see?

Your glory?

My eye is filled with mist

and I long to see Your face.

Therefore, in the noise of the silence

I will wait for Your glory

to be revealed in the fog.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Rubber Ducky, you're the make bathtime lots of fun....

For those not in the know...this is us with the World's Largest Rubber Ducky - currently afloat in the Ohio River in Pittsburgh. I think it's in the Ohio....Maybe it was in the Monongahela, or the Allegheny...can't remember cost a mere $20,000, so I doubt we will be purchasing one any time soon for our pond. :( I said to Randy, "so why exactly is this here anyway?" - to which he replied, "If you inflate it, they will come..." ha. And trust me..there were PLENTY of people on site buying souvenir duckies and t-shirts. As for us - we passed on the merchandise - and just enjoyed a nice leisurely stroll around Point State Park.

A giant footprint?...

The person we asked to take this photo cropped the head off the duck!!

To get a sense of the enormity of this is a photo of Olivia making friends with a woman and her dog. Wherever there is a dog to be will find Olivia!