Thursday, August 31, 2006

Are You Ready?

A friend sent me this video. I think it's one of the most powerful videos produced regarding the rapture of the church --the time when the Lord returns to take to Heaven all of those who have accepted Him as Lord and Savior of their lives. If you're not sure you're ready for this event, if you think you may be one of the ones left behind, I encourage you to pray and ask Jesus to be Lord of your life. You may click here to read more.

Please --don't put this off. It is the most important decision you will EVER make in your life!


Birmingham Girl said...

OK, CPR just kicked in and I'm breathing again. WOW ~ was that ever powerful!!
That needs to be sent to lots and lots of people and I think I'll start right now.
Good one Deb!

Becky said...


dawnaj1958 said...

Excellent, You made me jump and almost drop my, no I mean WOW!!

Tonya said...

That was amazing!