Sunday, August 20, 2006

Random Thoughts --and Art

Since my blog is titled: "Deb's Random Thoughts...and ART!", I thought I'd blog some of my random thoughts (and Art!). (whacko blogger problems won't allow me to post more than one photo---so check back for edits later!)

Random thought #1: This morning in church a gentleman sang a song about eternity - and how he was going to be sitting at the feet of Jesus....the lyrics said not to look for him by the walls of jasper or on the streets of gold, but to look for him at Jesus' feet. Here's what I'm thinking... Jesus must have some pretty big feet! I mean, think about it, every Christian that I know wants to sit at Jesus' feet when they get to heaven. How is that going to happen? What if everyone wants a turn at the same time? There are going to be MILLIONS of Christians in heaven. Will we have to take a number like we do at the Stuff-Mart Deli? I hope not, because today, after church, we stopped at Stuff-Mart and went to the deli, and took a number. Guess what?! The deli worker lady skipped my number?! What is up with that? We had to wait until the next deli worker lady called the next number and tell her that we had a number that should have been called two numbers ago.... When I get to heaven, I don't want to wait to sit at Jesus' feet. And I'm thinking that since His Word says that He will give us the desires of our heart...He must be gonna have some big feet --enough for LOTS and LOTS of people to sit around!

Random Thought #2: Today at Stuff-Mart, I bought some ORANGE Cauliflower. On the plastic surrounding this odd-looking vegetable, are the words, "Contains 25% more Vitamin A than regular Cauliflower - same great taste!". So, how do they make it orange? Is Vitamin A orange...and they just water the plants with vast amounts of liquid vitamin A? You remember how when you were a kid and you put food coloring in some water and then stuck a stalk of celery in the water and it turned red or blue or whatever color you had put in the water? White Carnations will do the same thing. that how they get Orange Cauliflower?

Random Thought #3: If I capture bugs and take them outside my house and release them (instead of killing them), does that make me a monk? Someone asked me this morning if I was a monk because I trap bugs and take them outside and release them. I said, "no, I just don't want squished bug guts all over my walls."

Random Thought #4: On a more serious note... I am grateful for Christian friends. Those who will pray with you and lift you before the throne of grace --when you don't have the energy or the will to pray for yourself. God is good. And I am blessed --with friends who love and care about me.

Random Thought (and Art) #5: Do you think this woman SHOULD be wearing a two-piece bathing suit to the beach? And what is up with that bathing cap?!!


Dawna said...

I did so read your blog...and what woman in a swim suit with a bathing cap? I heard a rumor that eating orange cauliflowers makes one hallucinate? (There was no woman in a bathing suit, was there?) We're thankful for you, too. Very. God is good. Today I am counting my blessings. You are one.

Birmingham Girl said...

Lay off the orange cauliflower..there is no woman in a bathing suit.
Loved all your random thoughts, I'm about to go to bed and I'm sure they will keep me awake just thinking of them!
I so agree with random thought #4..and your one of them!

char said...

See Rebekah's blog. [link at right on Deb's page]
ALL prayer warriors are needed!!!

Tonya said...

I love these random thoughts, this is great... Thanks for visiting my site..

Jada's Gigi said...

Too funny, this trip through your
I second birmingham girls comments...ease up on the cauliflower there is no woman in a bathing suit! lol