Thursday, August 31, 2006

Random Things

Some Random Things About Me:

One of my favorite breakfasts is oatmeal with raisins, but I only eat it about once a month.

I have at least fifty collapsed Priority Mail Boxes in my garage –just in case I need to send a Priority Mail Package. (Actually, it’s fallout from my Ebay powerseller days.)

Oh…I was once an Ebay Powerseller.

Stamps. I love them. I buy them by the dozens –and always a large variety.

I talk to myself –all the time.

I enjoy watching dust float around when the sun shines through a window. Then I think about how we breathe in all that dust and pretty much get grossed out.

One thing I want to do before I die is ride in a hot air balloon.

I hate weeding flower beds and prefer to let things grow wild. Every weed is a wildflower waiting to bloom.

I am not a sports fan, however, if I must, I will RUSH through worship practice so that our sound guy can RUSH home in time for the Steelers’ kickoff. (Have I told you recently how much I appreciate you Dave?!)

My favorite fruit is a nectarine.

I am allergic to cats.

Books. I own hundreds. Enough to start my own library, I think. But I still keep buying them and borrowing them from the library and from friends. It’s a disease.

Wow Wow Wubbzy is Olivia’s new favorite show. Oh wait, that’s a random thought about her, not me. Strike that from the record.

Art – my passion – followed closely by singing, my second passion.

I once painted “Damas” and “Caballeros” on the bathroom doors of a small school in the Dominican Republic.

I love all food –with the exception of liver and onions.

I love to cut the grass –as long as I can use the zero-turn riding mower.

The zero-turn riding mower is currently stuck in the mud –no grass cutting today.

I don’t do diet pop or diet anything. If Im going to all the trouble of eating it –it’s going to be REAL.

I enjoy blogging as a creative outlet.

I trade Artist Trading Cards with artists from all over the world.

I regret that I didn’t take piano lessons longer when I was a child and I plan on allowing my daughter to learn piano (if she wants to) so that I can “live vicariously” through her playing.

My first piano recital piece was The Happy Sailor –I can still hum the tune.

One of the meanest things I’ve ever done was once putting chocolate ex-lax in my college roommate’s chocolate jello dessert. I feel badly about it to this day.

I use the term “loser” way too often, especially in reference to my pastor –who is NOT a loser (most of the time!) (Pastor Bill –luv ya man!)

I don’t have a favorite color ---it all depends upon my mood at the time.

I do have a favorite number. It is the number 4.

My favorite punchline to my favorite joke is: “only when pancakes grow on doghouses in July.”

I love my husband –with all my heart.


Becky said...

reads like a happy post.

char said...

It wasn't chocclate ex-lax, it was an unflavored ex-lax tablet that we ground up and sprinkled between the layers of the dessert she had in the frig marked 'do not eat'.

Jada's Gigi said...

fun post..lots of small bits of info about you, nice...
Regarding the sharpie marker episode...once when my daughter was aobut 4 she and a friend colored each others faces with permanent marker...It was hysterical...especially since they both had that pale blonde hair that is practically see thru at their age. they colored in each others hair too....Didn't come off for ages!! they looked like Halloween! Kids are too funny!

tina fabulous said...

i love random factoids. and i talk and/or sing to myself constantly. in fact, i'm doing it right now.

Sara said...

i love these random thought posts! i feel like you're almost here, which is exactly where you should be by the way.

dawnaj1958 said...

mmmm. I think I'll have to try that line about watching the dust floating inthe air next time the house has little messages written on every flat surface..."dust me."

Tonya said...

I like the random thoughts. Very cute.. I like to read, and about your daughters favorite movie,if it is your daughters, it is most likely yours, since you end up watching it with them so often. Dora is mine, well her's.

Sara said...

hey! where'd you go? p.s. does it ever seem like the word verification is maybe a real word?

Jada's Gigi said...

Where did you go? Did you get a holiday vacation?!?! Hey I need to learn how to sell on EBay...

dawnaj1958 said...

I love the post but that bowl of oatmeal is gagging me...I know you're home, so do SOMETHING about it!! ps...glad you're back. I missed you.

Margie said...

what a great post... maybe sara stole her blog from i don't feel guilty

Sara said...

hey, where are you? come back!! don't make me come over there!