Friday, January 29, 2010

The Cloud-Rider

First of all, let me begin by saying that throughout most of my life I read from a King James Bible. Just because that was the version with which I was raised and the one that was read from the pulpit in church. Whenever they started coming out with all these other versions, I was quick to point out that, "oh my better be careful, they may have lost something in the could be missing a key word..." Eventually I broke down and bought a NEW King James Version. ha! It's basically the same except they've changed "Thee" and "Thou" to You. ...Making it a tad easier to understand.

This year - I've REALLY broken out of my comfort zone. I have chosen to read the Bible through this year using THE MESSAGE! Gasp! The Message?! that even a real Bible?! Easy language for easy understanding and interpretation and application. Sounds good.

This morning I read this from Psalm 68:
"When the righteous see God in action
they'll laugh, they'll sing,
they'll laugh and sing for joy.
Sing hymns to God, all heaven, sing out;
clear the way for the coming of Cloud-Rider.
Enjoy God, cheer when you see Him!"

I don't know about you - but I thought it was kinda cool that Jesus is named Cloud-Rider! I think that's a pretty awesome descriptive name for the One who is going to return riding on the clouds!

...Behold He comes, riding on the clouds, shining like the sun, at the trumpet call, so lift your voice, it's the year of Jubilee, out of Zion's hill Salvation comes!

I'm thinkin' I'm likin' this Message version!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Check List

  • Dinner prepared for whenever Brillo Man and Olivia decide to eat. (BBQ Spare Ribs, Mashed Potatoes and Veggie of their choice.

  • Snack prepared for the WOW (Women of Worth) Meeting at church tonight. (Haystack Cookies - Super Simple - Chinese Noodles - Butterscotch Chips - Chocolate Chips - Peanuts - Melted together for super sweet deliciousness and spooned onto wax paper to set up.

  • 200+ burrs removed from Bentley's fur.

  • Hair fixed (Mine, not Bentley's), Make-up Applied.

  • iPhone charged and ready to take with me MUCH to the dismay of Olivia who wants to use it for playing games!

  • Heading out the door for a fun night of fellowship with my church peeps!
    (That is the first time in my life I have EVER referred to anyone as a "peep.")
  • Saturday, January 23, 2010


    Okay - I've been on a break from blogging.

    No reason - other than I just can't seem to get my thoughts together for more than a few lines at a time.

    I post on Facebook - only need a sentence or two there - in fact, you're limited in the number of characters that you may post in a Facebook status - so that's perfect for me when I'm having trouble putting more than a few words together at a time!

    I've been reading all my friends' blogs - and lurking (taking lessons from Pat - when she's on Facebook, you never know she's there unless she suddenly pops up with a comment.) I, on the other hand, am always logged on to that page - even though most of time time I'm off doing something else. People are always trying to chat with me and I'm really not there - even though they think I am. I think perhaps I should block my chat status and become a "lurker" there too.

    Nothing special happening here - spending some time working on a writing project - more on that in the future - which is another reason why I'm spending less time writing here, I guess.

    I just wanted to post to say that I'm still here!

    Now I'm off to StuffMart to buy some toiletries for our troops in Iraq. My dear friend Dawna's son is stationed there, working as a medic. He has requested some supplies for his comrades. If you're interested and would like to help, they're in desperate need of: Toothbrushes, Deodorant, Men's Underwear and Women's Sports Bras.
    Items may be packaged and sent to: Donations Coordinator: TSgt Amanda Gross 332 EAMDS/CASF APO, AE 09315-9997

    Okay --I'm off! (In more ways than one!) Oh, and that grapefruit photo has absolutely nothing to do with this post. I just liked it. ...think I'll pick up some grapefruit at StuffMart too!

    Saturday, January 09, 2010

    Apron Giveaway

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    Tuesday, January 05, 2010

    No Two Alike

    "Olivia, did you know that no two snowflakes are alike?"

    "Not true, Mom."

    "Yes, it is."

    "How do you know, is it in the Bible?"

    "Well, no...but scientists have figured out that no two are alike."

    "Mom, they would have to look at every single snowflake to know that. They can't do that - so it's not true."

    "Yes, Olivia it is true."

    "No it's not."

    "When we get in the house, we'll research it on the internet."

    "Just because it's on the internet doesn't mean it's true."

    "You're right, but it IS true that no two snowflakes are alike."

    "It's not true. Have YOU looked at all of them?!"

    "No, Olivia."

    "It's not true. It's not in the Bible..."

    "Okay Olivia, whatever..."

    He says to the snow, "Fall on the earth..."
    -Job 37:6

    Friday, January 01, 2010

    Happy New Year

    2010. Wow.

    I can remember being in elementary school thinking ahead to the year 2010 - knowing that this would be the year that I turn 50. And I remember thinking..."wow, that's really old!" Now, not so much!

    It's here. 2010. And I'm not so old. In fact, in my heart, I still feel as young as that child I once was.

    We toasted the New Year with a bottle of Sparkling White Grape Juice which Brillo Man had chilled in the snow outside - then I lit a couple fireworks while Olivia lit some sparklers and danced around doing a Happy New Year dance - filled with excitement and life - bouncing and bubbling all over the place!

    Brillo Man watched her dance and commented, "oh, to be seven again..." And then he promptly went to bed!

    I'm still here - dancing - if only in my heart!

    Happy New Year Everyone! May the Lord fill this coming year with blessings. And may you walk ever closer to His side, recognizing His faithfulness and love which He bestows upon His children in abundance!