Friday, August 18, 2006

Feeling the Pressure

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Tonight is Life Group.

I have no Bible Study prepared. I have been praying as to what direction the Lord wants us to go this evening and I'm hearing - nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.
I am not typically a spontaneous person - especially when it comes to leading a Bible study. I expect to have everything planned and rehearsed, with three pages of accompanying notes and revelations. When it doesn't happen. I panic.

And besides the pressure of not knowing what will happen at Life Group, I have several blog buddies who have indicated that they expect something creative on my blog on a daily basis. No drivel. Talk about pressure! Others are writing creative posts about their relationships (with the pizza guy). Another is tackling crime (I think donut stealing might be a felony). Another is lecturing about the privilege and blessing we have in this country to work and collect a paycheck (she's just way too serious today). There have been comments made that it's just not good blog etiquette to post that I went to Krogers and purchased carrots. Good thing we don't have a Krogers in my home town - or BOY would I be in trouble! I did however send my husband out to pick up a couple of two liter bottles of Pepsi for tonight's Life Group. (never Coke!)

AND top it all off ---the photo that I've chosen for this post (because it is the PERFECT photo) has that goofy copyright watermark thingy running right through the center.) I'm sure I'm breaking some kind of law by using it in this blog. ...that would be a case for the donut police.

Sorry. That's all I got.

Blog on!


Birmingham Girl said...

I'm laughing so hard, causing -you guessed it-more tears!! This is one of your best, and they're all good. I feel the pressure too, and I think think I'm about to crack! My post may become "surprise" postings ~ you never know when one will show up!
for the record, I love the picture with the copyright thingy running through it and I hope the copyright police don't show up at your Bible Study!

Sara said...

ha! i know what you mean on facing a gaping maw where your creativity should be! i'll be praying for you and i've no doubt it'll be fantastic, like you!! if you weren't we'd have dropped you from our blog family long ago! p.s. when are you moving to michigan? we want you here!

Birmingham Girl said...

Dear Sara via Deb:
She lives in a park, why would she want to move here? Oh I forgot, to be near our sparkling personalities!

Deb said...

I think you all should haul your sparkling personalities over to Pennsylvania. We have lots of room for tent-pitching in our "park". Hey --that would solve Tina's housing dilemna ... just trying to meet a need!

Birmingham Girl said...

I think your on to something Deb! Been to Pa and think it's beautiful, and hey, hubby's pension check will follow us anywhere! Not so much into the tent thing though, maybe a trailer! :)

MSUgal86 said...

Too funny. I think all your posts are great!