Thursday, August 31, 2006

Another of Olivia's Antics

Literally 40 minutes before we had to be out the door to go to church, Olivia came running up the stairs after playing in Daddy's office...Laughing...."MOMMY! MOMMY! LOOK! This is WAY funny, isn't it?! I turned my arm blue!!"

Yes, Olivia...waayyyyy funny....

By the way...there is no soap on this planet that will remove Sharpie Permanent Marker from the arm of a four-year old!


Sara said...

since she's your child and not mine, can i just say this is so cute!! and p.s. she's a beauty.

Birmingham Girl said...

Better you then me! HA! My kids never did that....because I couldn't afford Sharpie Permanent Markers and crayons don't stain your skin! :D Oh those were some might lean days! See, there is a blessing in being poor!
Why is it so cute and funny when it's someone else's kid?
Sorry, but Olivia would be cute covered in anything!

Becky said...

sandpaper? first layer of skin will come off anyway. hahaha

char said...

Like Mom, like daughter. Another little artist in the making. What a sweetie.

Margie said...

When Phyllis was like almost 4 I went downstairs to get some tape, we were wrapping presents, I thought on my way down the stairs I should have told her not to play with the "big" scissors... oh yeah, came upstairs to "look mommy, now i don't need a haircut". she had the Dorothy Hammel cut after that. She was SO cute, but it was 3 days before Christmas! AH!
I, of course, never did anything like that... i swallowed a penny, stopped breathing, and scared my poor dad to death... then I puked and it came right out!