Thursday, March 05, 2009


No, not the airport.

Lax as in "I've been lax in my effort to blog lately." Careless and Negligent - that's the dictionary definition of "lax".

Truth is, I haven't been able to come up with anything profound or funny or even semi-intelligent or entertaining, so I haven't posted. I think it's a combination of things, but the biggest is this new medication that I'm taking - a daily injection of Copaxone. One side effect is aching joints - of which I already suffer - but now they REALLY, REALLY ache, therefore I'm not getting enough sleep which means I'm WAY more tired than usual and my brain is pretty much in a fog most of the time.

While in brain fog mode, I'm pretty much good for mindless things like watching television or surfing the internet and eating. And not much good for trying to write something profound or funny or even semi-intelligent or entertaining.

However, I force myself to write so as not to disappoint the masses. ha. For I know that there are literally millions who read my blog each day. ahem.

As far as eating's something exciting. I invented a new sandwich today. Great big gobs of PBLoco Banana and Cocoa Peanut Butter along with a handful of Captain Crunch cereal piled high on a slice of TOASTED Oat Grain or Whole Wheat Bread. Be sure to put on enough peanut butter to sufficiently "glue" the cereal to the bread. Gobs. Big gobs. Then fold and squish and eat! As Rachel Ray would say, YUM-O! Of course, this must be served with a glass of ice cold milk. However, did we have any milk in the house today? No. I ate the sandwich without the milk - but it would've been better with milk.

Brillo Man went to the store today and bought milk.

Tomorrow --a PBLoco Crunch Sandwich with milk....I can almost taste it now!


Diane said...

Well, now I've just got to have me one of those sandwiches! I'm willing to bet the kiddos will want one too. Gotta be sure we have milk, though! Even in a fog, you're both entertaining and intelligent! How about that?!!!


Margie said...

you crack me up! I've never heard of that PB before!! I already like enough things, I don't need to invent anymore... lol

Constance said...

Girl you crack me up! Hey wait, I just see that Margie said the same thing! Great minds and all...

I hear you on the achy joints. I remember back when I was on 80mg of PREDNISONE a day. I felt like someone was yanking my arms out of their sockets! I was actually relieved when the Oncologist said "this isn't working for you". Yes, I still had low platelets but at least I didn't hurt so bad that I wanted to cry! Now, being on 600mg a day of the steroid, DANAZOL I am feeling the achiness return. I was down to 200mg a day but have been hanging here at 600mg for about 2 months. Sometimes I wonder what's worse, the disease or the "cure"?

Pat said...

I'm in the same frame of mind and body. Achy body and without a constructive or informative thought.
That's one crazy PB sandwich! You've got your crunch combined with smooth and sweet and salty. I think that someone on the food network should have already come up with that, after all...that's why they earn the big bucks!
Enjoy your creative treat and I'll keep you in prayer that you feel better soon!

Dawna said...

I thought I had the measles on my retina(e?) with that wallpaper, although I do love the poseys. Your sandwich sounds like something I would eat when I'm on a binge. You know I'm praying for you to feel better, dear friend...

Terry said...

Dear Deb,
I have decided to get caught up with a few blogs.
I think it was about time that I visited each of the sisters.
I have been lax myself lately about blogging. I guess everyone goes through those dry times, eh Deb?
I never knew that you have aching joints.
That is way too bad.
I, with my myontic D, don't really have aching bones but I have a hard time walking! The old muscles are acting up.
I have to have a pace maker put in Mar 31st.
Maybe that will give me a little more pep.
Reading the blogs so early in the morning sure does make a person hungry
That squished sandwich sounds so delicious Deb!
Now I have never been a breakfast person but here I am.
I will be rummaging into the cupboards.
We just bought fresh Wonder bread last night, so it will be soooo good!!!
Have a great and pain free day dear Deb......Love Terry

Mrs. Mac said...

Yummy! I've never heard of that type of banna/peanut butter spread. Hey, I came across a website called
"hillbilly wife" that has low cost menus to go along with the Angle Food(?) ministry that you bought food from. There are lots of good recipes.