Tuesday, March 17, 2009


No...not on my bicycle.

I'm talking about my energy level.

At this moment, as I type, I feel so overwhelmed with fatigue. It's as if I've been run over by a MAC Truck. Exhausted. Spent. Done. An effort to even breathe.

This afternoon, I felt wonderful - FULL of enery. Then all of a sudden, I "hit the wall". The fatigue comes crashing in out of nowhere and I literally feel like I haven't the energy to take another breath.

Time to go lie down.

These are the times that I DESPISE this disease called MS that insists upon taking over my being!!!!

(P.S. That's me in that painting above. Really. It is. I was the model.)
Ha. yeah. right.


Constance said...

Orange is a good color on you! Personally, I can't pull it off!

Hoping today is better!

Love Mom said...

Praying always. Let this will be the day God chooses to heal you.

Trish said...

Deb...sounds like you need to rest a bit more and I know that working nights is hard. My Tomer worked swing shifts and when he was on midnights always said..."God made our bodies to sleep at night and trying to sleep during the day was not natural." He never felt rested. Praying for you...
and that is a lovely picture of you! Connie's is your color!
~big hugs~

Terry said...

Dear Deb, I read this post the other day and I felt so sad for you and yet I didn't know what to say.
With my myontic dystrophy, sometime fatigue overwhelms me too,
So many people don't understand but Bernie does and with that I am happy.
My brother, Teddy who now lives in Iowa has it pretty bad and he can't even watch TV without falling asleep.
It is kind of weird because when that happens with me, you don't even realize that you have fallen fast asleep until you wake up.
Deb, I am really praying for you because I think MS is far worse than MD......Love Terry