Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bibliophile = Deb

I love to read.

Actually, a statement which carries with it more truth is that I love the IDEA of loving to read. Because I rarely have the time to read and when I do, I rarely ever finish any book that I begin. In fact, I rarely finish anything that I start. But that's a subject between me and my therapist....

Anyway. I love to buy books. I'm addicted to buying books. I could start my own library I have so many books. Do I read them? No. Do I dream of reading them? All the time.

Perhaps you have heard of the fabulous, new, electronic "book" currently being marketed by; The Kindle2. It's the upgrade to the original Kindle and supposedly is better in a whole bunch of ways, primarily because it stays charged longer, has a better viewing screen and actually has a computerized voice which will read aloud to you. (I don't think I would like to have a book read to me by a computerized, electronic, emotionless voice...but's an upgrade.)

In spite of the fact that I rarely finish a book that I start, and I own dozens, perhaps hundreds of books that I haven't read, and I go to the library and borrow more and let them sit around the house until they're due, returning them unread... I somehow have the GRAND ILLUSION that if I own a Kindle, I will read more. ahem.

Therefore, I've been secretly earmarking some of our money so that I can buy myself a Kindle2. The problem is, every time I earmark, the thought crosses my mind that the money really needs to go toward something important like paying our property taxes, buying new tires for the van, or gravel for the driveway to cover up the myriad of mud holes that have formed over the winter. We are, after all, supposed to be wise stewards of our finances.... (By the way, the tires on the van are bald because they've spun so many times trying to get UNSTUCK from the muck and mire in the muddy driveway.
Gravel = good idea.
Kindle = frivolity.

Brillo Man, overseeing the delivery.

Brillo Man, spreading the gravel.

I wrote out the check and paid the guy. Goodbye Kindle.

I mean, come on, it's not like we really NEEDED the gravel. Those are NOT huge mud puddles at the edges of those rocks. It's all merely a 'figleaf' of your imagination.

My tires aren't actually completely bald either. Just partially. I'm thinking that if I just drive on the part that isn't completely bald, I'll be okay... And we could pay our property taxes with our income tax refund...I think I should get the Kindle....

Ugh. When you pray for me, pray that I remain wise. Or at least take up a collection and send it my way...I need it for my Kindle! Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?.....ummmm...Brillo Man? birthday and our anniversary is right around the corner. I know I've always said, "NO COMBINED GIFTS!" But I suppose it would be okay, if just this once you bought me a combined gift. Are you payin' attention?...I want a Kindle.

I have not coveted
anyone's silver
or gold
or clothing
(just their Kindle).
- Acts 20:33


Trish said...

Never having heard of a Kindle, I'm feeling a bit old and behind the times!
I think the gravel was a good decision...will pray Brillo man reads this and gets this subtle hint...Deb wants a Kindle!!!

Pat said...

Kindle Schmindle...other things come first! I'm your voice of reason, listen to me! Ha!
I will light a kindle and pray you gets your hearts desire
for your birthday/anniversary.

Diane said...

I have no idea what a 'kindle' is, but I sure hope you get one!

My Christmas tree is still in my LR as well, but mine's artificial! I just haven't had the heart to take it down yet. Terry's favorite time of year was Christmas. His eyes still lit up like a child's every year when I pulled out the tree and ornaments. He would sit for hours just watching the lights dancing off the ornaments. I left it up cause I knew he wouldn't live much longer, then he passed and I just haven't found the heart to take it down. I figure it's my LR, so I can put what I want in it and leave it for as long as I like!

Enjoy you gravel!


Terry said...

Ha! Deb!
Reading a book. What does that mean?
Used to do it a lot before we got the computer.
When we moved from a three story house to this little bungalow, I had to get rid of half of my books...thousands of them!
I gave most of them to a family I knew that loved books and were forever going to book sales.
I figured that they would at least care for my poor babies.
Well Bernie and I packed up boxes and boxes of them and dropped them off and they were all so excited, the Mom and Dad and the three kids ,so a lot of the sting went from my hurting heart.
Well the next day we just happened to pass by their country home and there in the rainy weather were those books...boxes and boxes of them getting just soaked!
well... I never!
Well the few thousand books remaining now have a dark place to live and that is in my attic.!
Maybe I better look up this "Kindle Schmindle" and get me one and if I don't like it Deb, I will just mail it over to you!
The only strings attached to this kind action is that you have to tell all the Scarf Sisters when your birthday is, eh?....Love Terry

Ps You better watch that Brillo Man.
One time on my birthday we had to get a starter for my little car and Bernie told the cashier that this "gift" would have to do for my birthday, our Anniversary AND Christmas!!
Not a pretty sight!

Mrs. Mac said...

Kindle ... a device for people that don't have enough space for books. It's just not the same though ... no dog eared pages or water stains from reading in the tub. It's probably a bad idea to get a kindle ... there, I rained on your parade, (so sorry sister Deb ;) After you read all of the hundreds of books you have at home collecting dust, then I give you permission to buy a kindle ... Heck, I'll even buy you one if you promise to read each and every book you own cover to cover. OK :)

wv: fogicar ... would someone let me out of this foggy car please:) or ... I'm not about to ride in my grandpa's old fogy car..

Constance said...

I see it all the time on Amazon but have never scoped it out. I am a voracious reader as well. I have learned to purchase my books USED and it's not quite so painful! Let's face it, the first time it's read, it's a used book! I have about 6-7 books in the bookcase, waiting to be read. Let's see, there's the biographies on:
John Adams
Stonewall Jackson
Benazir Bhutto
John Colter
Robert E Lee
and someone else whose name escapes me and I am too lazy to get up and look!

Am I the only one who gets wiggly with excitement when I get a new book to read?

wv: mobanter

what we need is 'MO Banter back and forth between us scarf sistas!

me again said...

Look at Dad up there in all his glory. He sure does love that tractor and its come in handy quite often.