Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You've GOT to be kidding me!

Today while browsing through the military PX exchange website, I found this item:

Bentley will NOT be getting this gadget anytime soon!
Who invents this stuff?


Call me: The Puppy Whisperer said...

He does hate the rain; seriously if its raining he sits outside the front door all mopey. It is a dogs life you know. I was thinking about a life vest then I can take him out in the canoe. You know how easily it tips over. Can he swim?

Trish said...

What next? If you're holding that umbrella over your on earth do you hold your own???
How is Bentley doing??? Ya know I still covet your dog!!!

Dawna said...

I love it. I want one for Teddy Z. Home in two days....

Constance said...

Don't get me going on this subject. We have some friends who never had children so their dogs are their kids. I understand that. Where I have a problem is people who actually give their animals the same status as human beings! Hello, they are ANIMALS and not people! Oops, I guess I go going on this subject! Tee Hee!

In regards to your comment over on my blog, I guess the reason for no biking is because the repetitive movement on the joint when there's virtually no cartiledge left is a big no no. It stinks that my warranty has expired!

WV: phizaten
It sounds like something my German Mother yelled at me when I wasn't eating all of my dinner!

Terry said...

Aw don't be so mean Deb!
Look at all the posing that cute doggie did for your photo blog.
He sure deserves some reward doesn't he?
Trish, you may as well give up on that Bentley.
The ducks I sent over to pick him up and bring him to me were scared off by his barking!
I don't think he wants to leave a place where he knows he has it so good...or maybe not...his mama wont even buy him an umbrella!
That is not a pretty sight!

Diane said...

Who comes up with it? People who have more time than they know what to do with. Who buys it? People who have fewer brains than they need! I'm with you Connie, they are animals. I love them as long as they have their place and I have mine. They don't replace humans and never should be allowed to do so.

Well, there's my humble opinion on the matter! Not sure anyone wanted to hear it, but I have a knack for offering it whether it's requested or not!


brillomansforeveroldest said...

wow some people have waaay too much time on theyre hands...can you imagine the money they make from the crazy people who actually buy it though?