Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Stand Off

Here is the view this morning from our kitchen window... (Click photo to enlarge.) Here he is...the big bad Bentley dog barking his head off at the geese. Obviously, they're really shaken up about all his noise and ruckus! yeah. right.

The noise of battle is in the land,
the noise of great destruction!
-Jeremiah 50:22


Mrs. Mac said...

I envy you of your 'dirt' ... we still have snow. What a big bad doggy ... those birds look mighty scared ;) ... Do you and Brillo Man get out in the canoe much?

Pat said...

He's a mighty dog!! I bet he loves living in the State Park!!
I trust you are taking care of yourself in every area right?!

byhisgracealone said...

the canoe looks very inviting!!

blessings this Sunday!

Jada's Gigi said...

Spring is definitely on the way! and I want a Kindle...LOL

Trish said...

I still covet your puppy...he looks so ferocious. Ha!

Deb said...

Mrs's not dirt. It's definitely MUD and MUCK - trust me!

Pat...taking care of myself!

Donna and Mrs. Mac...yep the canoe is fun, although I don't get out in it nearly as often as I'd like, in fact, I think I was only on the water once last season. That's going to change this year!

Cheryl...Spring is coming! Can't come soon enough for me and yes, I want a Kindle but Mrs. Mac said "no". (What's up with that?!)

Trish...Bentley is the most ferocious dog on the planet - you wouldn't want him around. ha. ...and I've got some swamp land (literally)...that I can sell you...

Diane said...

Ferocious indeed! Yep, I've got a couple of those 'ferocious' dogs; they'll lick you to death if you let them!!!! Enjoy the water, the 'land' won't be habitable for a while yet!


Terry said...

Ha! Ha!
Deb...that little doggie just better be careful. Those geese might just be Canadian geese visiting your pond and if they ARE, they have strict orders from a Southern Ontario girl to pick that cutie of a dog up and fly him over to Canada..right to Welland!
Love Terry

PS Thank you for your visit to my blog..
I guess I really did strike it lucky when I met that Bernie...
But after he read my post, why did he spend the next two hours filing his toe nails?
How romantic is THAT and just this evening, he was soaking his feet while I was slaving in a hot kitchen and now he and the cat are in bed sawing logs.
It is NOT a pretty sight Deb...Ha!...Love Terry

Constance said...

Every dog, deep down in his heart thinks he's a big bad wolf!

thats just to funny said...

That reminds me of when Chauncey use do that and he was bigger. We have some brave geese at the house. although Im thinking some of the older ones probably remember Chauncey and think "yeah right he isnt going to come get us"

me said...

It also looks like the geese are bigger then he is anyway.