Friday, March 06, 2009

What's the Rush?!

I'm off today. (Rather, tonight.)

So....I came home from work this morning with a dozen ideas in my head about things that I want to get done today.

Brillo Man and I had breakfast together at The Stone Arch, then we took Bentley to the vet for his shots (he is now a whopping 10.6 lbs!)... Afterwards, I'm thinking, "okay, gotta go to Hurlbert's Hardware and get Bentley a license...gotta go to StuffMart and buy stuff, gotta surf the internet and read all my favorite blogs, gotta eat a PBLoco/Cap'nCrunch sandwich, gotta work on my Etsy orders, gotta read a chapter in the book I'm reading by Beth Moore about the life of Paul...To Live is Christ, gotta clean off my desk, gotta watch last night's Wild Card episode of American Idol, gotta call my Mom and decide what we're buying my niece-in-law for the baby shower, gotta buy and wrap a gift for one of Olivia's friend's birthday party tomorrow, gotta call Dawna, gotta wash my scrubs so that the task is not hanging over my head and they won't be clean for when I go back to work, gotta do our income taxes, gotta investigate the new GoogleChrome browzer that I downloaded from internet, gotta sleep...

yeah. that's it. gotta sleep.

Good night.(day!)


Trish said...

You gotta slow down sister...take a deep breath...let it out slowly.
Don't you feel better? Happy time off!

Char said...

Rest easy, Friend. You're a very busy person! Niece-in-law?? Enjoy the b-day party with Olivia. David will be 8 in May and I don't know where the time went! His b-day party is May 2nd if Olivia can make it, she's sure invited!!!

Margie said...

...gotta get Margie her

Take it easy sister! You made ME tired! maybe because I have the same kind of night ahead of me to get ready for the weekend! I want to relax a little!

Tonight is cleaning and grocery shopping! Tomorrow... UGH... Sam's Club, my dad has a business so I can go early! yeah, just what i need :) more time to spend more money!

Ok, I've officially rambled, see, you got me all wired! It might also be my new supplements to engage my thyroid!

Deb said...

Oh Yeah....gotta get Margie her prize!!!

Terry said...

Gotta. Gotta.. Gotta...
Gotta find the time to DO all of these things Deb.
I think you gotta have a whole week off to accomplish all the gottas!
The last gotta here that you have is my idea of the very best gotta!
Love Terry

Diane said...

Ahhhhhh, gotta sleep....that's I need to be doing right now. Unfortunately, Mr. Sleep has taken a trip and isn't coming home any time soon, I think. Oh well, I got the internet to keep me company until Sleep decides to return! Rest peacefully!