Monday, March 09, 2009

Another Sign that Spring is in the Air!...

I noticed this morning that our Christmas tree which is still in our living room (Yes, I KNOW it's March --don't ask!) is sprouting NEW GROWTH! Note the Spring Green color!!! Not too hard to see why Crayola named that exact shade of green "Spring Green", eh? It won't be long and we'll be able to plant our tree outside!

And....I saw my first Robin this morning!


Margie said...

your christmas tree is still up? WoW! it is a lovely shade though.

Felisol said...

I have also admired your female portraits. Somehow I could not get my comment in.
I try here at your funny Christmas tree site.
...Ok, I shall not ask.
From Felisol

Dawna said...

mmm. I think you have a deep underlying need to have some HOUSE PLANTS. So, guess what I'm gonna give you??? I have starts of lots of things, oh how my mind is whirling and smoking. Know what else? It's your home and if you want to leave it up til next Christmas, it's your prerogative.
Change the star to a shamrock and you're up to date with the holidays. It's all a matter of perception and a St. Paddy's Day tree is so unique...maybe you could start a fad?

Constance said...

At first I thought,
"The Lazarus Tree?".
I know that my tree was dry and dead by New Years's. Then I remembered that you bought a LIVE tree this year and it suddenly made sense!

I got my first Daisy yesterday and my Blue Bonnets are filling up with buds!

Trish said...

I would like to have a living tree every year but we would run out of space since we live in the city.
Your tree is lovely...enjoy!

Char said...

So, you know it's Spring when your Christmas tree blooms, still decorated and in your living room. ROFL. Never change, you are wonderful just the way you are!!!!! Gotta love it!!!!

Mom said...

To know you is to love you. I hope your tree lives for many years to come as a reminder of the wonderful memories you are making for and with Olivia.

Terry said...

Ha! Deb,
As I am writing this comment, I am looking at the strings of Christmas cards that are still hanging up in our living room!
I think we took the 2007 ones down in May of last year![2008].
Oh well, Christmas should be all year through, eh?
If that tree is sprouting, what a lovely pine smell you must have!
Deb, it breaks my heart every year when just after Christmas, there are so many trees that are thrown out like trash along peoples houses.
It even saddens me more when I see here and there amongst their pine leaves glittering tinsel.
It is not a pretty sight!
I know it sounds weird, but I am glad that your tree is still living!......Love Terry

byhisgracealone said...

will you post pictures of you planting it? :)