Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Visitors

The other day, Bentley was outside and all of a sudden he started barking up a storm. I mean...REALLY barking! Non-stop - Ferocious (yeah right, who's he kidding?) barking!

I got up from my chair and looked outside to behold this site:

Our neighbor, Butch, had arrived with his newly purchased team of horses. These two are massive animals! As you can imagine, Butch, being small of stature will have his hands full with these two. He said it takes about an hour just to get them harnessed and ready to work. There are a lot of fallen trees in his woods and he plans to have the horses help him drag the logs to the clearing. Better him than me!

Bentley barked the entire time the horses stood in the driveway....and barked the entire time the horses made the long trek up to the road...and barked the entire time the horses walked down the road toward their home...and barked the entire time Brillo Man spent shoveling up the mess the horses made (of which I'd have had photos had my camera battery not died!)...and barked and barked some more...just for good measure, I'm sure!

(P.S. Did you happen to notice the LACK of mudholes in our driveway thanks to the wonderful gravel which Brillo Man has worked so hard to spread?....That's my Kindle you're looking at...)


Jada's Gigi said...

Your gravel(I mean Kindle) looks very nice... I think I would've been barking too if those had come to my door! :)

Trish said...

Bentley was just protecting his family! Tell Brillo man the driveway looks mighty fine!

Char said...

Egad! I would've barked too! Say, that's a nice-looking driveway you've got there!!!

Pat said...

How cool! Kind of makes me want to start singing that Erie Canal song again! My grandfather used to have big work horses like those. Now that's the kind of visitor even I would welcome!
Nice job on the driveway Brillo Man!

Terry said...

What beautiful animals Deb and that Bentley...Ha ha....brave little doggie that he is, causing such an uproar in the neighborhood!
What would the lad had done if those horses started to chase HIM???
Dad Golden used to laugh at dogs that chased cars.
He would always ask, "Now what is that crazy dog going to do if he CATCHES that car"?
Who knows, eh Deb?

That would have been way too funny, if you had got a picture of Brillo Man cleaning up the mess!

He sure did one good job on the driveway..nice and neat!

Hey Deb, instead of getting that naughty Bentley the umbrella, why don't you have your sweetheart buy you some more batteries in case yours run out again.
It is NOT a pretty sight when you have no camera and miss a good shot!
Way too sad!.....Love Terry

byhisgracealone said...

wow!!! I would not want them trampling my back yard and my veggie garden !!! the gravel does look nice.


lowww bridge, everybody down...
lowww bridge we're coming to a town...(just for Pat)

Diane said...

Well, BM did a great job on the driveway. It's one fine lookin Kindle!!!!

Although massive, I think these animals are beautiful. My BIL is an eco-logger and uses Belgian horses that look much like these. They are so much more than BIG! However, they have the most gentle character and the sweetest personalities. His best is named Sandy and is just a sweetie pie! Every time our family is together at their house, all the kids want to ride the 'big horse'!

Enjoy that Kindle now!


Felisol said...

Wow! Those were mighty fine horses.
Didn't know they existed anymore. Here they were called German brewery giants.
It take a skilled man to seer these tough ones.

Your drive way looks so neat and well groomed.
Well done to the trio.
From Felisol

Pat said...

Thank you for singing Donna.

Constance said...

I;m a little slow but I finally got it! Kindle or gravel? Good choice I'd say!

Those horses are beautiful! I have an exterminating company out every 3 months to do a quarterly and recently my guy was sharing how he lives in the caretaker's house at his sister's ranch. She raises some type of draft horse that I'd never heard of. (I'm from St Louis so I know all about the Budweiser Clydesdales that reside on Grant's Farm in the area!) Anyway, he was telling me that 2 of the brood mares are ready to foal and the one, after he's fed them and watered them at 4:30 in the freakin' morning, has to have him rub her belly! These horses are huge but she's his baby!

Bentley is just earning his dog chow! Maybe if he does a good enough job, you'll get him that umbrella get up for walking in the rain! Ha Ha!