Thursday, October 20, 2005

quip de jour --i.e. Olivia says the darndest things...

I have been reading a delightful blog entitled Mommy Matters.

Every so often, there is a post entitled, "...quip de jour".

I was thinking that I should adopt the idea. Since actually writing down the things that Olivia says in her "book" isn't happening with great frequency. are some things she said earlier: While outside in the chilly night air with Daddy - swinging on the swing - wearing a hat with flaps covering her ears....She removed the flap and said, "Daddy, I really just need to hear the night sounds."

When seeing me typing in my blog..."Mommy, you need to close up that computer because I need a really big hug or else you're going to the naughty spot."

After refusing to eat the nutritious lunch I placed before her...."No, thank you, I'm just not hungry."...then gets up - gets a spoon out of the drawer and a snack-pack vanilla pudding out of the cupboard..."I have an idea! I'll just be the taste tester to see if this pudding is good."

Being a Mom is not without it's comic relief!

May your days be FULL of smiles...

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