Tuesday, October 11, 2005

getting to know you poll

You know those goofy "getting to know you" question thingys that seemingly circulate endlessly from email to email? Who writes that stuff? They ask (and expect you to respond) to all kinds of whacky questions from "what was the last thing you ate" to "if you were a crayon, what color would you be?". What color would you be? Who knows! Depends on my mood! Today, I'd be deep purple because I'm tired and have been taking care of my sick little girl since last night. If you asked me last night, at 3am when I was putting the puke-covered sheets in the wash, I might have said, "Gray". If you ask me on payday, "Bright Yellow". If you ask me just after I've eaten too much, "Green".'s my question of the day - actually, it's a two-part question. #1) If YOU were a crayon - right now this minute - what color would you be? and #2) What question would you include if you were writing one of those seemingly endlessly circulating question thingys?


Tony said...

I would be faded in all colors. The question I would ask in my questionaire is this:

Are you a good person? Find out here:

I don't mean to spam your blog. This is a great site. It's not mine.

Keith said...

I came by to visit. thanks for your visit. I'd be red right now because they just cancelled my flight and I'm stuck in an airport.

Question: Is it colder in the winter or in the country?

Ariella said...

I would be black, not a cheap black crayola either, like an artist quality smooth, inky, dark as a moonless night black.

Question I would ask~
How long is a piece of string?

Char said...

I would be royal blue - that's my favorite. I am moody, but I'd keep the same color throughout.

Question: why is orange?

John Cowart said...

Hi Deb,

Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday and saying such nice things.

Looking back over your archives and see that you just visited my home state, Florida.

I assure you that you could not have picked up that Palmetto bug here; it had to have come from someplace else. Florida does not have bugs. If you don't believe me, just ask the Chamber of Commerce.

Dlynne said...

I would be red. Red is my favorite color. Red is strong.

Question: How do you define love?

Who would you guess that I am ? said...

I would be any color except for yellow green. Who invented yellow green anyway? Who invented any color? Are colors invented or are they created? I am not a color brilliant person (ha ha) (get it brilliant)
I am starting to believe in the big color theory. That all colors are descendant of a single one color organism.

Question: 1. Why do you have pictures of bowling balls in here?
Question: 2. If you were a bowling ball what color would you be?