Thursday, October 20, 2005


I just spent the past 90 minutes on the phone with a very dear friend. She called me to ask me to pray for her brother, Oliver. Oliver has so many physical problems right now --he's in critical condition in an intensive care unit - suffering with graft vs. host disease and many complications from several other inherited disorders that plaque him. He is in horrific pain - and in septic shock - and the physicians don't know where the infection came from - nor can they find an antibiotic to treat it. He has had a fever of over 104 degrees for the past four days.

What could I tell my friend, Sherry, about her brother? Because of my medical background, I know that a lot of what is happening with Oliver is pointing to the fact that he may not have much time left on this earth. As Sherry said - she's not stupid - she knows this. Oliver is a Christian. Sherry is a Christian. I told her the only thing that is absolutely - without a doubt - a certainty: God is still on the throne and still in control and still knows every detail of Oliver's situation and still has him in the palm of His hand.

Over and over again, the Lord is showing me that He is the One in charge. It seems that everywhere I look recently - there are no other answers. Situations are such that there is no other hope but the Lord. Why He is showing me that frankly has me a little bit frightened. I wonder what He may be preparing me for....


Still ---I must maintain --He is in control. He knows what's best. He will ultimately work all things out for good for those who are called according to His purpose.

Lord --be with Oliver tonight. Comfort him as only You can do. Take away his pain. Heal him. In Jesus' Name,

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