Friday, October 28, 2005

Maggie May

Last evening, little
Maggie May went home to be with Jesus. Her courage was inspiring and her smile won the hearts of all who knew her or followed her story. I never had the pleasure of meeting Maggie May in person - but she stole my heart. Her family has shared her story - her triumphs, her pain. And now we ask the Lord to comfort them as only He can as they mourn for their darling princess. May we always remember Maggie May and the lessons she taught us - to be courageous and to smile --always --no matter what ---smile --because God is on our side! As deep as I hurt, I am also rejoicing knowing that today Maggie is pain-free and dancing with Jesus!

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Marla Bean said...

Heavy hearts greet us on our paths today. We share the same grief. I never knew Maggie, nor her family, on a personal level, but you're right - her smile could steal your heart faster than one beat.

I hope there is something I can do. It's nice to know so many people are at a loss today - Maggie was a very special girl and I think we all loved her in our own way. It's strange to say that - to say you love someone without knowing them. I gues that's Jesus in us.