Saturday, October 22, 2005

missed blessing

I received a call today from someone at church asking me if we would bring food to church on Sunday for a member who has no food - and no money until her check comes in at the beginning of the month. Absolutely ---of course we'll contribute! Here's the part that annoys me....earlier this week, the Lord brought this person to my fact, told me that I should send a card to encourage her ---and maybe put some money in the card as well.

Did I do it? no.

Does it REALLY bug me that I wasn't obedient at a time when this woman really needed some encouragement? yes.

It's a missed blessing. What an awesome honor it would have been to have received that phone call today knowing that we had already reached out to someone in need. argh. I'm glad that the Lord is "on top of things" and is organizing this "food drive" so Elaine will have food for the rest of the month....still...kicking myself for not listening when He prompted me to do something. Moral of the story ---ALWAYS LISTEN TO THAT STILL SMALL VOICE.

Okay...gotta go raid the pantry and pack a box or two for Elaine.

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Hikingalong said...

Deb, I've been there. What a valuable lesson we learn when we realize that God gives us a second chance sometimes on missed blessings. I've learned over the years to always listen to that still small voice. When God prompts me to give an extra couple of dollars to the bag boy at the grocery store, or when He whispers "tell that Mother that she's got great kids" as she struggles alone in the restaurant to keep them occupied and busy...whatever it may be, the Holy Spirit prompts me and I listen and act immediately now. What a great ministry God has given be His hands and feet. Blessings to you!