Friday, November 21, 2008

Things For Which I Am Thankful

1.) An unidentified coworker who cleaned the six inches of snow off my van this morning so I didn't have to do it --especially since I don't think I have my snow/ice scraper in the van!!

2.) A hot mug of peach chai latte tea and toast for breakfast.

3.) A 2-hr delay for school - which means no rushing around this morning.

4.) My very best friend who has invited our family to join their family for Thanksgiving dinner. Now I don't have to cook!

5.) Egg Salad sandwiches. I don't know just popped into my head...and now I'll have to go boil some eggs so I can make some egg salad later today.

6.) Brillo Man's agreeing to buy me a remote starter for the van so I can walk out the door at work on mornings like this and enter a nicely warmed vehicle. That's what I want for Christmas. I remote car starter. I don't know why I haven't thought of this sooner!

7.) Learning to knit (via YouTube) note: my very best friend did not teach me, although she did supply the knitting needles, so I guess I'm grateful for that!

8.) A warm house. Did I say warm? I meant HOT!

9.) Olivia's joyous excitement about all the snow. (Someone needs to be excited about the snow and it's not going to be me!) She wants to go out and play in it, before school. Nope....there will be plenty left when she gets home. In fact, they're calling for eight more inches.

10.) Being done with my Christmas shopping. Almost...


Margie said...

I'm going on You tube this weekend!

Trish said... I need to make some egg salad, buy some peach chai tea, they sound yummy!!!

dawna said...

so how's the knitting going? I just wanted to lovingly point out parts of this blog stopped millimeters short of whining. Try the Chai Tea at the Amish store. It's wonderful. (Don't ask me why it cracks me up to buy chai tea at an amish's just me) So...are you making everyone scarves for Christmas? (knitted of course)

Mrs. Mac said...

Deb ... you truly are blessed. Now is a peach chai tea or coffee. I want to order it but don't want to be uninformed ;) ... I like egg salad (only one in my family). The remote car starter is brilliant, you have the best BFF :) Wishing I was done with my Christmas shopping list.