Thursday, November 06, 2008

Ruby (Tuesday) Thursday

I decided to join the ranks of those who are posting red photos on Tuesdays and include some recent photos. In some, you may be hard pressed to find some red...but I'm sure it's there somewhere!

This first one is Olivia jumping in the jumping castle at our church's recent Harvest Party. The mesh was red, her jacket is red - I think that this definitely qualifies as red!

Next is Olivia and Miss Gracia at the Harvest Party. Miss Gracia is the teacher for the King's Kids at church - ages 3-5. Even though Olivia is now in Kids on the Move, she still runs to find Miss Gracia every Sunday so she can get a big hug. In fact, everyone who knows Gracia runs to her for a hug - even us grownups. She is filled with God's love and is always willing to share!

Barkley and Olivia at the Harvest Party. Olivia has no idea that Barkley is really Miss LuAnn in disguise!

This next photo is one of some of the kid's singing and signing Our God is An Awesome God. Olivia is to the left of Alvin, the Chipmunk!

Here is one from yesterday. Each year, the sixth grade classes from a local school take a ride out to our land and are presented with a talk about Great Blue Herons. Bordering our property is the largest Great Blue Heron rookery in the state of Pennsylvania. Warden Chapyn informed us that last year, the Game Commission counted 550 nests in the treetops. That's a lot of birds! Of course, not all the nests are in use - some are old, abandoned nests. And some are 'extras'. Apparently, the male heron starts building several nests and the female decides which one she will use and then they finish it together. If you look closely, you will see the red tie back in the girl's ponytail right in the center of the photo. I think that qualifies for the "red" requirement...

There they go...hiking around the pond on the way to find the Heron nests. I asked them to return in the Spring when perhaps they'll actually get a glimpse of the birds themselves. Not a day goes by when we don't see them fishing in our pond. At this time of year, they've flown south to warmer climates. (If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you will see that there is some RED in this one too!)

And finally, here's something fun I painted recently. I'm thinking that this "Sister" is going to need one, big, wonkin', long scarf if she joins The Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf!


Pat said...

Oh, I loved all these pictures, and as usual, I'm just blown away by the state park that you call home.
I also like that you have chosen to do Ruby Tuesday on Thursday!

Margie said...

I loved these pictures!

Trish said...

Love your picturesand Wow! what a beautiful place to call home!!!
I think everyone in the Sisterhood
needs a copy of your painting, it is perfect!

Mrs. Mac said...

Ya know ... sometimes it's more of a nice surprise to post on Thursday when no one is expecting a Ruby Tuesday. I think we should have a sisterhood gathering at your state park ... and the stick necked gal in your lovely painting can be fitted with a scarf to become our motto figurine ... I watched the Mrs. Palfrey movie last night ... it was very moving. Thanks for the recommendation. Hugs

word verification: bukses (a little too close to butt kisses ;)

donna said...

a great collection of reds...I recently joined up too, missed one week and then posted on a monday the next week....:)