Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Clock Ticks

I started my journey of blog reading this afternoon with a post by Louise. I am reminded lately from every source in my life that we, as Christians, are to be salt and light. The hour is coming when no man can work...with each day that passes we are one day closer to the Lord's coming.

There are so many people with whom I cross paths on a daily basis whom I know do not know the Lord. There is the cashier at the coffee shop on Tuesday mornings, the women who work the counter at The Good Shepherd Center, the produce guy at WalMart...not to mention dozens of coworkers and friends. What am I doing to impact their world for Christ?

When I'm prompted by the Holy Spirit to speak a word to someone, am I listening? Am I walking in obedience? Not always. Sure, there are times when I follow the lead and I open my mouth and the Lord always fills it with words of wisdom. And I am always blessed and humbled at the outcome, knowing that God has just used me to speak into someone's life something that may impact their decision to change their eternal destiny.

Other times, I'm left kicking myself as I know I have balked in my fear or just plain have been lazy and not done what I know I should have done. May God forgive me for those times. And may He quickly choose to use someone else to take advantage of the opportunity that I missed to encourage a lost soul to make the greatest decision of their life.

I have prayed, just like countless others, that God's will would be done regarding this presidential election. I am not happy with the outcome. However, I must trust that God's will has been done. For whatever reasons, He has allowed this 'change' to take place. Just as Louise has said, the results of this election didn't take God by surprise. He has known the outcome for eons.

Our responsibility, as Christians, is going to be to stand firm whenever issues come up that go against every fiber of our core beliefs. And the issues will come up. This morning, while Olivia was getting dressed for school, she actually broke down in tears when she learned that Barack Obama was our new president. This precious six-year old child said to me, "Mom, I don't like Barak Obama. Grandma told me that he kills babies in Mommy's tummies. I don't think he has Jesus in his heart." Now, I'm sure that those are not the exact words that my Mother used whenever this subject came up between the two of them. I'm still scratching my head as to how or why the subject came up....but at any rate, our precious daughter's heart is hurting because she knows on a very basic level that Mr. Obama doesn't stand on the same side of the issues that we Christians feel are of monumental importance.

We need to continue to pray for this nation - and for our upcoming president -praying more fervently than before. I think God is calling us to step way out of our comfort zone and get serious for Him. The hour is short. The sand continues to slip through the hourglass. How much can we do to impact our world for Christ in the days ahead? I challenge you to BE the salt and light that God has commanded us to be. You will reap the blessing. Trust me.

"Behold, I am coming soon!
My reward is with me,
and I will give to everyone
according to what he has done."
-Revelation 22:12


Trish said...

Good word Deb! Gos isn't shocked and so I lift my head to Him this morning...He is my Saviour and His time is close at hand. You are right, We will need to stand together more than ever!

KayMac said...


Pat said...

The statement that God knew of this day eons ago says it all. I agree, it's up to us to pray..and be the salt and light - not to be complainers and worriers, but to be strong in His might.

Louise said...

Oh Deb, thank you so very much for this post. We must encourage one another even more 'as we see the day approaching'. Bless you for writing this.

Mrs. Mac said...

Thank you for the pick me up with this post.