Monday, November 10, 2008

Gas, Liquid, Air, Solids

Olivia started a new science unit in school.

Some solids are pointy,
Some solids are bendy,
Some solids are twisty,
Some solids are smooth,
Some solids are hard,
Some solids are flat.

Name a solid that's:


That's all. I have nothing else today....due to the fact that my BRAIN IS FRIED!! THE STOVE HAS HEATED OUR HOUSE TO 80+ DEGREES!!! It snowed here today...the windows are open, the ceiling fans are on. We're thinking of hosting a Hawaiian Luau...

I said to Brillo Man, "So how do we regulate this heat?"
His response, "We open the window."

Then he went to practice his fire twirling...

He ordered the furnace heated
seven times hotter than usual.
-Daniel 3:19b


Sara said...


dawna said...

I want my house 80 degrees, well at least until a hot flash hits, then I'm running for the door and stripping off clothes on the way. (how's that for a visual?) I sure had a lot of blogs to catch up on. Guess I've been in my off position lately. Sending love to you Deb, you're a gem. I loved the video and read a wonderful bio on Louis Giglio. How Great is Our God!!!

KayMac said...

hilarious! make sure he doesn't throw his back out.

Pat said...

Laughing till I cry! I can just visualize this. My Uncle (Trish's father in law) used to heat his basement with a wood stove...very very hot!!!

Trish said...

So Funny! Boy do I know how you feel! Pat is right my Dad-in-law would keep that fire so stoked that we could hardly stand it! When our guys would go out there Deer Hunting they would strip down to their skivvies at night just to sit around and watch TV!