Thursday, December 28, 2006

Tighty Whities? the time, Brillo Man takes off his shoes when he comes in the door and walks around in his white socks. There is no place his white socks won't take him --through the mud/laundry room into the garage (where he frequently takes off his muddy boots) to get to the freezer to get the ice cream - or down into the basement to do whatever it is he does while he's in the basement. Needless to say, Brillo Man's white socks tend to be not-so-white at the end of the day.

To remedy this problem, whenever I do laundry, all of Brillo Man's white clothes - including his T-shirts and Tighty Whities go in the washer together with Tide and scoop of Oxiclean added to the load. I always wash them in HOT water and let them soak for 30 minutes to insure that all the garage dirt and mud room mud and basement crud is washed out of the socks, not to mention the olive oil stains on his T-shirts from eating Italian bread dipped in oil with Italian spices added. (but that's another blog...)

Moving right along...Olivia always takes off her shoes AND socks the minute she walks in the door and refuses to wear anything on her feet when she's in the house. She took off her socks and instead of putting them in her "Dora" hamper, she asked me if she should just put them in the washing machine with Daddy's socks. "Sure", I replied, "Thanks for being such a good helper!"

When I opened the washer to transfer all of Brillo Man's bright white freshly washed clothes into the dryer...I pulled out a pair of not white, but PINK tighty whities. Olivia put her socks in the wash --they were red. oops.

Great. Mission Impossible - make the pink clothes white again. The clothes are now back in a 30 minute soak of HOT water, a cup and 1/2 of bleach and two scoops of Oxiclean - sans red socks! With the bleach, mingling with the Oxiclean and detergent... I'm thinking anyone who enters the mud/laundry room may need a gas mask or respirator because of the fumes.

In 45 minutes or so, I should know if my mission was successful --hopefully, Brillo Man's tighty whities won't be tighty pinkies any longer. (Side note: One good thing...on Christmas morning, after opening some new packages of boxer briefs which were colors other than white...Brillo Man commented that he was glad I didn't buy white. So this whole pink thing should be okay with him, right?!) And if my mission doesn't work, I'll tell him it's high time he got in touch with his feminine side!


Call me not right. said...

okay with him, right?!), not right!

KayMac said...


Pat said...

Been there done that...they became the new dusting rags. The smallest trace of pink was to pink to be acceptable.
I think brillo man has given the final answer:, not right!

Margie said...


Who sees them anyway? You like pink, right?

Mrs. Mac said...

you could rename them "pinky winkies"

.. or he could set a fashion trend at the gym

... or you could just start over with all new undies.