Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Party's Over...

We all had a great time and we all ate too much!

front row L-R: Uncle Craig, Julia and Rachel (my nieces - daughters of Lori and Ken)

second row: Cousins: Torrey, Pam, Maggie (daughter of Torrey and Pam), my Mom, Aunt Carolyn (Pam's Mom, my Mom's sister and Uncle Craig's wife), brother-in-law Ken (Julia and Rachel's Dad - Lori's husband)

third row: sister-in-law Roberta, brother Rob (Roberta's husband), Ashley (Rob's daughter) holding Makayla (Pam and Torrey's daughter), Your's Truly (that would be ME), Olivia, and Brillo Man (aka Randy), Randy's eldest daughter, Stephanie, my sister Lori (Ken's wife, Julia and Rachel's Mom)

missing from photo: My youngest brother David, My nephew Michael (Rob's son) and Kelly (Randy's 'former youngest daughter'-before Olivia became the youngest!)

That's us --what a crew! Happy New Year everyone!


Sara said...

how great! thanks for sharing your lovely family.

Pat said...

What a wonderful picture!! It doesn't look like they care one little bit about your little clutter problem! :)
Happy new year my you and all of yours!

Mrs. Mac said...

Great family pic. Now go take a long deserved nap!

Becky said...

wonderful picture!