Wednesday, December 13, 2006

These Tag Things

I hate these tag things too --but after being tagged by Sara, I realized that I needed something to blog about that wouldn't require too much effort. It's been a long night and day --Olivia is sick and neither of us have had much sleep.

A - Available or single: Definitely not single and definitely not available.
B - Best Friend: Brillo Man
C - Cake or Pie: Pie - Peach or Black Raspberry please
D - Drink of choice: Cherry Pepsi
E - Essential Item you use everyday: Toothbrush
F - Favorite color: I don't have a favorite --I like all of them.
G - Gummy Bears or worms: bears --easier to manage
H - Hometown: New Castle, PA
I - Indulgence: too numerous to mention --homemade bread is one, chips is another --basically anything which contains major carbs.
J - January or February: what kind of a question is that? neither. May or June
K - Kids & Names: 1 - Olivia
L - Life is Incomplete Without? Jesus, Brillo Man and Olivia
M - Marriage Date: June 2, 2001
N - Number of Siblings: 3
O - Oranges or Apples: Oranges
P - Phobias or Fears: Failure and dying too young so as not to see my daughter grow up and have children of her own.
Q - Fave Quote: Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings while the dawn is still dark. - anonymous
R - Reason to Smile: Olivia's laughter
S - Season: Autumn
T - Tag 3 or 4 people: If you're reading, you're tagged.
U - Unknown Fact about Me: I pull out every grey hair that I find on my head to avoid spending the money on hair dye. When I'm bald, I'll know it's time to pay the salon.
V- Vegetable You Don't Like: I like them all.
W - Worst Habit: overeating
X - Xrays: too numerous to list --first was an ankle when I thought I broke it playing kickball (whacked my leg up against the corner of a friend's garage). Next --a broken arm when I fell 20 feet into a ravine while swinging on a vine.....
Y - Your Fave Food: PASTA - specifially Mom's homemade ravioli
Z - Zodiac Sign: Gemini --but I hate astrology --it's a waste of time and energy.


Sara said...

i thought olivia was the prettiest thing on this post until i saw that pasta! i'm sure she's sweeter but i'll take the pasta. thanks for playing tag. feel better soon you guys.

Pat said...

so, what does Brillo Man think of his new name?
Sorry to hear Ms.O isn't feeling well. Praying for you guys.