Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Artist Within...

One of my favorite artists is Andy Warhol. I don’t know why. Probably because in a high school art class we were required to research an artist, and then portray him or her while giving a report as well as presenting some art work inspired by the artist’s style. I chose Andy. I was tall and thin with short hair and I wore glasses. It would be fairly easy for me to dress up like him.

In my research of Andy Warhol, I discovered that he was probably more eccentric than most. Artists, in general, tend to be on the eccentric side – in one way or another. Andy gave the word ‘eccentric’ a whole new meaning. For instance, he never threw anything away. Never. .” He was said to have “packrattitude”. He stored things in boxes which he referred to as “Time Capsules.”

These time capsules are presently in storage at The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA. There are over 600 of them, the sum of which contains between 300,000 and 500,000 items. It’s estimated that in order to open and catalogue every item it would take
four people working full-time for fifty years.

Now –the reason for this post is that I, too, live amongst a bunch of bins and boxes and objects which I’m henceforth going to refer to as “time capsules”. If Brillo Man complains that I have too much stuff (which he often does) I’m just going to tell him to ‘get over it’ because I’m an eccentric artist and these things are my time capsules.

I tend not to throw things away. I’m not a messy housekeeper….I have packrattitude. You never know when I may need something. For instance….in the art that follows, I put to use a small piece of golden brown foil from an “autumn” edition of a Hershey’s Kiss. The foil was colorful. I had to keep it. I might be able to use it. Someday.

And I did! Note the butterfly –it would not have been nearly as eye-catching had I chosen to render it in colored pencil. Rather, I chose to make it the focal point of this work of art with golden brown foil. Pretty impressive, huh?!
Never mind that I presently can’t find the surface of my coffee table because it’s covered in stuff that I need to sort through because I may need it someday and my house is cluttered with overflowing boxes and bins which I have to figure out where I’m going to stash so I can at least make it presentable enough to decorate for Christmas…..I am an artist with packrattitude and I am proud!

This post is dedicated to my friend, Pat
– not because she has packrattitude – but because she loves me in spite of it! (Of course, she’s never actually seen my home….I think she would have a seizure if she did!) The secret is –make sure all your friends live at least 200 miles away so they can’t just “drop in”!

Additional note: As I was typing the last line of this post, Brillo Man called to say that he was bringing home two of his employees so they could work on a project together….which PROVES the theory that Pat shared with me yesterday –that I’d clean if I HAD to!!!


Lori said...

Packratittude...So THAT'S what you call it? For that reason, I'm glad I'm not the artist of the family. Hmmm...perhaps Ken is an artist and hasn't realized his ability yet?

Birmingham Girl said...

You do realize that Andy was just a tad over the top with his packrattide don't you? Don't make me call that TV show "Clean Sweep"!
I think our blog buddy Margie has the right attitude. She says we should be clean, but not so clean as to make a guest uncomfortable! When I drop by for a surprise visit, just shove the stuff off a little corner of your coffee table for my cup of tea!
Like I explained to you the other day, just blame it on having a small (or big) child at home..they are the cause for the clutter!

char said...

From A to B and back again!

Deb said...

Truth be told --not ALL of the clutter in my house is because of my small (or big) child here at home! I have plenty of my own junk which clutters my house --I'm telling you --it's an artist disease!

KayMac said...

this made me laugh! you are the best! btw, your art is wonderful!!!

Birmingham Girl said...

See, Kaymac has put it all into perspective. To be creative and produce the amazing art work that your are capable of, you can't be tied down cleaning all the time.
You couldn't possible get rid of your clutter because the world would be denied of your talent.
Feel better?

Anonymous said...

I decluttered a bit yesterday "for company" ... but, maybe having company once in a while is a good thing. Nice to see cleaned off counters and "pile" free bedrooms :)

I bury capsules call me Cappy said...

I'm liking the capsule thing. Let me see...dig a great big hole..and I'm talking John Deere Backhoe size. Then bury it all. Then.....park my truck in the garage. Yep, capsules! It's too perfect and it's your idea.

Sara Maria said...

You have green frog boots? I didnt know there was a book called Zephaniah in the Bible. Is that the Catholic bible or something?

Jada's Gigi said...

I've been known to schedule parties for the express purpose of forcing myself to clean ...:)
ditto to what kaymac and bg said..:)

Margie said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with saving everything until you need it or buying something on a good deal and saving it!!

I use my real name when I'm serious, call me Mr said...

Don't make me call that TV show "Clean Sweep"!

Do you want to become my new best friend?

I dare you, no double, no double DOG dare you!...Wait Wait I Even Tripple DOG Dare You!!!!!

Birmingham Girl said...

Dear Mr.,
Do I sense an urgency in your triple dog dare?
I'm starting to get a little frightened. Deb, de-clutter for goodness sake, this is getting out of control!!

Randy said...

By the way for the record I'm very happy with our home. It's really not as cluttered as one may conclude from this blog. Deb is a great wife and mother. I tease her but only playfully because I love her. That means just the way she is. I'm pretty messed up without her. I would much prefer a little clutter in the house over much clutter in our lives. Seeing her spending time with Olivia instead of worrying about the clutter is what makes me happy. Olivia will become a Godly woman from the time her mom spends with her. I'm not convinced a clean home ever led any child to salvation and service.

But I really would like to park the atruck in the garage.

dawnaj1958 said...

You know I love you just the way you are. And there is only room for one pre-A personality on the Praise're perfect..clutter and all. That's why we get're who I would be if I could calm down...smiles!!

Birmingham Girl said...

We all have clutter, some just hide it more then others. My clutters in my mind...what a mess!!