Monday, December 11, 2006

O Tannenbaum

The tree is finally up.

There is not room for one more ornament.

It's cluttered (what else is new?)

I like it that way!

Olivia did most of the decorating, so if there are two snowmen ornaments next to each other - or two red ornaments next to each other - consider it a display of her artistic license!

The detail photo shows an ornament with a picture of Olivia - her 2nd Christmas, a dragonfly and a Canada Goose --two creatures very prominent on our property. If you visit in the Spring or early Summer, you'd understand why we've dubbed our pond, "Goose Poop Lake".
and of course --there's the Armadillo. If anyone doesn't know the armadillo story....I'll include it in a future blog. I thought I had blogged the armadillo story --but I'm unable to find it amongst my posts.

So --Tree is up. One less thing I have to worry about!

Now I just have to get the four 8'x4' panels painted for the scenery for the church Christmas play.....I have less than two weeks to complete that project....ugh!


Margie said...


Sara said...

bu-tee-ful. haven't heard the armidillo story but i happen to have a stuffed on myself here on my desk so i'm curious. i have a possum ornament on my tree. don't know why. just like it.

Pat said...

That's one fine looking tree! Now get working on those scenery panels for church..what are you waiting for?
I would love to hear the armadillo story, I can't say I ever remember hearing about it. We are fond of armadillos, when we lived in Texas they were a common sight. I'm slightly envious of your armadillo ornament. I must find an armadillo ornament!
Can I just add...I hate those squiggly letters. It takes me three times to get it right...on a good day!

Sara said...

as i said, your tree and your daughter are both lovely. brillo man sounds like a winner. but your new sneaky add-on blog "what's your major maladjustment" is a real snoozer. :-)