Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Shopping

Many of you may disagree, stating that it's tough to get into "the Christmas spirit" without visiting a mall full of hustling, bustling, usually impatient, pushy, grabby, crabby Christmas shoppers, but I find it a veritable nightmare to enter a mall during this time of year.

I for one, am proud to say that I have not set foot in one mall this season. Not one Target, Not one Best Buy nor Kohls nor KMart nor Macy's nor Sears nor JCPenneys. I did make a couple of stops at StuffMart (aka WalMart).

All of my shopping was done via the internet. I didn't have to wait in line. I didn't even pay shipping costs in most cases shopping on sites which offered free shipping for the holidays. The few items that I did purchase in the stores were purchased several months ago and stashed away, hidden in the house from snooping little eyes.

Another Christmas without going to the mall!!! Yeah!! Besides, why would I want to go to the mall when I can sit here and be entertained by Olivia who is presently sitting in the middle of the living room floor pulling one yard (as in three feet) of dental floss through her teeth while singing Jingle Bells?! (What is up with that?!)


Pat said...

I agree, I'd much rather watch Olivia then go to a mall. What's with all that dental floss?!
I like to do a little Christmas shopping in the stores - I like to meander through the decorations and see what I can't live without. I do think I'll do a lot more on line as time goes by, it saves a lot of wear and tear on this old body!

Margie said...

AMEN!! I thought you were going to say that you made all your gifts...

Anonymous said...

OK,i think you have the cutest kid in the world! (kaymac)