Sunday, January 29, 2006


I've been messing around with the blog template --trying to figure out how to make this blog look better. I did away with the standard green tile design that is one of blogger's choices for a header background and finally figured out how to put in a different background.

It's not the background I want...but it's a start.

I need to get rid of the double green line and move the mountain scene over to meet with the right margin as well. And the header text needs to be moved to the left. Eventually, I want to redesign and publish a whole new blog template.

I'm determined to figure out all this HTML stuff on my own and not hire someone to create a blog for me! I think I should buy a book. There's probably an "HTML for DUMMIES" book published. In fact....I think I remember buying a copy a couple of years ago. Who knows where it is?

If you could see my garage (warehouse) then you would understand.

Somewhere in the stacks of boxes and bins are my watercolors and the HTML book.

I'm seriously considering baking some cookies and calling Marilyn!

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kan said...

Good luck...I can relate! I am about to embark on the HTML realm too.