Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Two weeks ago, I took full advantage of my employer's vision plan and had my eye's examined for new glasses.

After trying on many, many, many pairs of frames, I finally narrowed my choices down to two.

Dawna came with me a couple of days later to confirm that the frame I really wanted was going to look okay. She gave the thumbs up - I ordered my glasses.

On Monday, I called to see if they had come in yet. "Yes, they're here."
Wonderful. Tuesday morning, I dragged my tired self out of bed and drove Olivia to school rather than let her ride the bus so that I could swing by the glasses place and pick up my new glasses. When I got there - no glasses. "I don't know what's going on - the envelope is in the "they're here" cabinet, but there are no glasses." After a phone call, it was determined that they indeed had not yet arrived from the lab. "No problem," she said, "they'll be here first thing in the morning." Great.

This morning --enjoyed a wonderful visit with Dawna. She made a dress for Olivia which she needed to deliver and she also brought with her some delicious, homemade breakfast muffins and bar cookies. Yum. She had coffee. I had Cherry Pepsi and sat in my flannel PJs chowing down the breakfast treats. We laughed, talked and had a great time - as we always do. 9:00am - the phone rings. It's the glasses place --my glasses are in. Wonderful. I'll be in to pick them up.

10:15am, Dawna leaves to go home and I headed for the shower. Afterwards, I made a list of some things that I needed from StuffMart. Then I spent some time talking with Brillo Man. Eventually, I donned my coat and headed out the door.

Got to the glasses place. Tried to get in. The door is locked. WHAT?! Hours of Operation on Wednesdays: 8:00am-12:00pm. I looked at my watch...12:05pm. UGH!!! Now you'd think that the chick who called to tell me that the glasses were in would have also informed me that they don't stay open on Wednesdays?!

I headed across the road to StuffMart with my list of five items and promptly went and drowned my disappointment in a spending spree. A cart full and many dollars later....I still don't have my new glasses.

Everything happens for a reason right? So there's a reason that I still don't have my new glasses....just trying to figure out what that reason is!

But if we hope for what we do not yet have,
we wait for it patiently.
-Romans 8:25


Constance said...

It's a conspiracy I tell ya! They're in "cahoots" with one another so you don't see how much you spent at Stuff Mart!

Mrs. Mac said...

The old evil eye glass front desk lady that doesn't know a thing. I say fire her ;) ... Really, now, how much of a spending spree did you do at Stuffmart? I think you've been overly patient. Hugs and best wishes that your new eye glasses look better than the ones in this post :)

WV : after = after I give that eye lady a good tongue lashing, I'll feel much better!

Rebecca said...

the resons seems pretty clear to me.......the spectacle shop has made two BIG mistakes!!!!! So the reason this has happened is so that you can remind them of their wrongdoings (they told you twice they were in and did not inform you of their hours when you told them you would be in to pick them up) and then they will gladly give you the discount that you ask for because of all your trouble!!! so...the reason that you have had to wait is so that you can be a blessed recipient of a good discount, just in time for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat said...

I picked up my new glasses last week, and surprisingly I actually like much as one can like wearing glasses.
I'd be fuming by now if I were you, as you can tell, I fume easily. I got my glasses at Walmart and they were great, plus you have a 60 day guarantee no questions asked to get your money back. And the greatest can also shop when your done, except in my case I had no money left because I don't have vision insurance. I think I'm rambling...sorry.

Trish said...

Did you get your new specs yet?
That lady should've told you they closed least you got to go to Stuffmart, shopping always helps!