Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just Venting....

me: "Can you put some more wood in the wood stove? It's getting chilly up here."

him: "Uh, yeah."

Five minutes later, he comes up the steps and walks behind me into the bedroom and then into the bathroom.

(The horrific sound of a power saw...)

me: (thinking) WHAT is he doing?!...then saying, "Do you need some help?"

him: "no."


me: (thinking) I'm not even going to go in there and see where he's cutting. I'm just going to sit here at the computer desk and continue to work on my etsy orders. I'm not even going to worry that he's cutting a huge hole in the bathroom floor...

him: (walking by) hymmmf. cough. ahem... clomp, clomp, clomp (down the steps.) clump, clump, clump (up the steps - back into the bathoom.)


him: "this is hard."

me: ...still not in a panic. very calm.... as things are literally falling off the wall behind me...


him: (walking by) hymmmf. cough. ahem... clomp, clomp, clomp (down the steps.) clump, clump, clump (up the steps dragging the shop vac - back into the bathoom.)


me: ...he's cleaning up? hmmm?

him: (walking by) hymmmf. cough. ahem... clomp, clomp, clomp (down the steps.)

me: ...waiting a respectable amount of time before I could no longer stand it...
...went into the bathroom...(although I really DID have to go...)

Wow. A register vent. On the floor right in front of the shower. Ah...heat from the wood stove radiating up through... Oh look, you can see right down into the basement. Remind me to close the vent before I step out of the shower from now on....

me: (calling downstairs...) “The vent looks good in the bathroom.”

him: "I couldn’t put it anywhere else because along the wall there were wires."

me: (glad I didn’t have to ask why he chose that spot...) “Well, it looks good. Thanks.”

Tip of the day: Remain calm and stay focused while your husband suddenly appears from the basement and begins sawing a hole in the floor because it all works out in the end. Had I gone in to “help” him –it would’ve been ugly.

He knew that. Which is why, when asked if he needed help, he said, “no.”

The noise of battle is in the land,
the noise of great destruction!
-Jeremiah 50:22


Terry said...

Dear Deb
Why haven't I visited your blog yet? I am so sorry that I haven't!
Thanks so much for your visit.
You know though, that Furry Fluff[Molly's new name] has a nose that is way out of joint now because my friend amazing grace man sent me a picture of Santa Clause which I put right on the top. Now the pooch is way too mad that she is not in the spotlight anymore!...Ha!!!...Love Terry

Dawna said...

I read this and the first time you had all those vowels, etc...I thought "What is that, a burp???huh???" I think it's a wonderful idea. Your DH is great. Is that the real register? Cool....I'll see it tomorrow...and I won't use your bathroom, don't ask...

KayMac said...

loved this post!!

my ingenious father said...

I would have been very frightend if I were you. I know Dad and any things possible with him. Just glad it all worked out.

Margie said...

that is funny!! I thought it was going to be another garage door story!!

Pat said...

I couldn't wait to get to the end of the story! I am 100% with you on the helping thing...been there done that!
Stay warm and watch where you step, you never know when another vent will appear!!

Trish said...

Thank God it was a vent, for a minute you had me thinking he was sawing wood for the stove in your're a better woman than I am I would've been in there instantly checking to see if he was making a mess! Brillo man was very thoughtful to put that vent there for you!

Char said...

Brillo Man rocks!!!
Happy venting!

Constance said...

Men DO have different wiring than us women don't they? My Hub gets his mind set on something (usually what I would deem as a decorating faux-pas) and there's no detering him! I have learned that in the large scheme of things, it's usually not worth drawing my line in the sand over. I save my energy for the bigger things. I figure one day hopefully a VERY long time from now, I will wish he was here to aggravate me!

Mrs. Mac said...

What a guy that Brillo man (and My Ingenious Father Said ;) just take care of what company might be in the basement under the bathroom ... When I visit, do you have another bathroom I can use? ;)

Hugs ...

WV = asking: I was just asking Brillo Man to get some wood and what do you know?