Saturday, December 27, 2008

Santa's Gift she sits on Santa's lap...."All I want for Christmas is (my two front teeth? Not.) a Pancake Puff Pan!"

She has been talking about the Pancake Puff Pan for MONTHS! She's been saving her change so she could purchase her very own Pancake Puff Pan. She walks around the house quoting lines from the infomercial..."Kids like them too! They make great snacks!"... For months --we've been hearing about the Pancake Puff pan.

Several weeks ago, we walked into K-Mart and there it was. The Pancake Puff pan. Oh my gosh - you would have thought that the world stopped spinning in space. "MOM!!! IT'S THE PANCAKE PUFF PAN!!! CAN WE BUY IT??!! PUUUHHHLLLEEEEEZZE!!!!"

"No, Olivia, we're not buying the Pancake Puff Pan." "BUT WHHHYYYYYYYYY NOTTTTT?!?!" "Because Christmas is coming and maybe Santa is going to bring you the Pancake Puff Pan." "BUT MOM, I CAN'T WAIT THAT LOOONNNNGGGGGG!!!! CHRISTMAS ISN'T UNTIL DECEMBER 25TH AND I WANT THE PANCAKE PUFF PAN NOW!!!" "Olivia, we're not buying the Pancake Puff Pan and that's the end of the discussion."

Fast Forward to Christmas morning. She's opening her gifts....oh yes!!! She shoots - she scores! Santa brought the Pancake Puff Pan!!

This morning, we attempted to make pancakes. Brillo Man had even purchased buttermilk so we could make REAL pancakes...not the kind from the Bisquick box. Eggs. check. baking soda. check. flour....uh,'s got bugs in it. Unbelievable! I didn't store it in my Tupperware container and instead left it in the pantry in the paper sack. And since I do very little baking...who knows how long it's been sitting in the pantry. Perhaps since 2006. (I'm kidding.) Anyway - bugs. Let's go to plan B. Get the Bisquick from the back of the pantry. used before December 2007. (Obviously the Bisquick HAS been in the pantry since 2006.) I'm guessing there's bugs. Yep. Bugs in the Bisquick. Okay...plan C. "Olivia, how about we make blueberry muffins in your pancake puff pan?"... Grab a Jiffy mix of blueberry muffins. We always have a huge stash of Jiffy mixes because they're quick and inexpensive and easy to whip up. We don't often use them however. We have good intentions. So, the chances that there's bugs in the mix are pretty good. drum roll bugs. Success! (Or perhaps there are bugs and they're just too difficult to see amongst the dried blueberries. Whatever. We're using it.)

Add an egg and a little milk and wha-la - blueberry muffin mix for the Pancake Puff Pan! Which isn't totally against the rules since the recipe book which came with the Pancake Puff Pan even says that you can "use your own blueberry muffin mix."

I think it's going to take a little adjusting on my part to get used to the Pancake Puff Pan. Too hot. Burnt the muffins. We ate them anyway. Brillo Man even went so far as to say that they were tasty. ahem. (Have I told him lately that I love him?)

Olivia just walked by. She could be heard saying, "...No more dialing the phone to order pizza, just make your very own pepperoni pizzas in the Pancake Puff Pan!" Mind you...we live in the middle of nowhere. Nobody would deliver a pizza to us if you paid them triple. "Mom, how about we make a deal and go to the Amish bulk food store and buy some flour with no bugs so that we can make Pancake Puffs tomorrow for breakfast." "Olivia, tomorrow is Sunday. We won't have time to make Pancake Puffs before church, but we can make them tomorrow afternoon." "Okay, let's make a deal."
"Okay, I want what's behind Door Number One." "WHAATT??!!" "Nevermind."

So he said, “Then bring some flour.”
And he put it into the pot, and said,
“Serve it to the people, that they may eat.”
And there was nothing harmful in the pot.
(See...NO BUGS!) (parenthesis mine. ahem.)
-2 Kings 4:41


Lori said...

Julia would be jealous. She wants a Pancake Puff Pan too.

Mrs. Mac said...

Go buy the smallest amount of flour and use it all up. Then next time at the store, buy another few cups of it. Please don't buy five pounds of flour and wake up three years from now with another as seen on tv gadget only to be disappointed ;) Little Olivia is just precious. She deserves pancake puffs without bugs. Give her hugs from me. (hugs not bugs ;)

Trish said...

Keep your flour in the freezer and NO bugs! Miss Olivia is like my Grandgirl Emilee...Emilee's favorite Channel is the Food Network. Christmas morning she called to tell me that she got a cupcake making kit! She also loves those infomercials...Miss Olivia is quite a character!

byhisgracealone said...

this was quite funny Deb....:) :)

reminded me of the excitement my girls had in making thos atrocious little cakes only to have them burn under a lightbulb...back in those "easy bake oven days"

I am tempted to send Olivia some fresh flour (as in no bugs...what a hoot!!!) for a New Years present...


Nancy said...

How have I never of this invention??

Constance said...

I guess I need to watch more TV because I've never heard of the "Pancake Puff Pan"! Our newly married daughter Laura, made Pecan Pie for Christmas. She doesn't even like nuts, but she did a good job! I might have to put her in charge of that from now on! Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Sara said...

i've never heard of this miraculous invention either! go buy some gluten free flour, it's only available in small amounts at giant prices. quite a deal.

char said...

How on Earth have I made it 50 years without a Puff Pancake Pan??!!! That is too cute! I've never even heard of it! Of course, we don't have cable and we don't watch much TV.

We DO however, have the same problem with bugs in the pancake mix, flour etc. Annoying!

How precious Miss Olivia is! David still wants to marry her. Life is good.

Pat said...

I've never heard of a Pancake Puff Pan which seems impossible since I watch TV a lot.
I wonder if you could put a piece of big hunk in the center of a puff pancake?

Dawna said...

YOU are hysterically funny. I can just see Olivia as you described her. And nobody but you would be sooo honest about the bugs. No wonder I love you all so much. Hugs to all...oh, and the comment about the easy bake oven..I used to keep mine in the basement and it was just awesome..unless I forgot and left it on while I went out to play. Memories. Smiles...

Margie said...

That is awesome! Never heard of such a thing! I love as seen on TV stuff! I have ginsu knives & the sandwich maker. Tre AWESOME!

she's a beauty!