Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect

The secret - LOTS and LOTS of butter! Way more butter than you think is healthy!! In fact, they're swimming in butter! But they didn't stick and they didn't burn!
Next, we have to master the "filling thing-a-ma-gig"---so just plops a teeny, tiny bit of jelly...not enough at which to sneeze!!

This afternoon's project: Trimming Olivia's bangs!

But if your offering is a grain offering baked in a pan,
it shall be of fine flour,
unleavened, mixed with (LOTS and LOTS of) oil.
-Leviticus 2:5


Pat said...

Did you say LOTs of butter? I'm all over it...I think I need to get one of those pans.

Mrs. Mac said...

I'll be right over ... hold the extra butter at the table. Olivia is a very happy camper ... er puff pancake maker.

Trish said...

I'm with Pat...lots of butter...Mmmm! So glad Miss Olivia mastered her puff pancake maker!