Saturday, January 07, 2012

What's in those Eggs Anyway??!

A friend recently inquired what it was that we feed our chickens because the eggs are so very good. She gasped with horror and disbelief when she discovered that we "slop" our much the same way that a farmer slops pigs. In other words...we feed them all our table scraps. Well, there are a few that Bentley enjoys...but most of our leftovers make their way into the chicken coop.

As a result of that, we have VERY LARGE chicken eggs. Seriously. Some of the eggs are as large as duck eggs. And they have double yolks. And the shells are super duper hard - it takes a greater effort to break them.

Our farm fresh eggs are delicious - so much more tasty than the eggs one can purchase at the grocery store! In fact, I won't even eat eggs anymore in a restaurant since there is no way that they can compare with our Farm Fresh Chicken-Slopped Eggs!!

Yep! They for sure are sloppin' those birds...
Just look at the size of those yolks!

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