Thursday, January 05, 2012

Dolce Far Niente

Italians have a saying - Dolce Far Niente, which simply means:

The art of doing sweet nothing.

Oh, how I love that! It's so much nicer to think of time spent doing nothing as an ART rather than considering it a bunch of wasted time! For one, I am Italian and being an artist, I am all about

...I'm thinking I must now go and CREATE!!


Diane said...

Ok, this may be my favorite new expression! I like doing SWEET NOTHING! Love you sister!

Many hugs..........


Trish said...

First, off let me say that it is good to see you blogging once more!
Oh, and I still covet sweet Bentley.
And doing Sweet Nothing is so nice for a if only school would start, we still have til Monday. Lol.
I love you Deb!

Trish said...

Should have checked my punctuation before posting this!

Mrs. Mac said...

Yes .. Sweet Nothing .. art! I had lots of that yesterday! So invigorating and recharging! Maybe I'm part Italian :)