Wednesday, January 04, 2012


So, I get myself all bundled up to face the frigid air as I walked Bentley this morning...

Coat - check

Hat - check

Boots - check

Gloves - um. no. That's why I have pockets.

Did I mention that I'm allergic to the cold? No? Well, I'm allergic to the cold. Really. Seriously. I break out in hives if any skin is exposed to cold for any length of time. And the hives are not fun. They are extremely itchy and extremely annoying. But - this morning I was prepared! I knew it was cold outside and I had every inch of skin covered (well, except for my hands....that's why I have pockets.)

Halfway up the driveway, I decided to take a few photos of Bentley. He is cute, after all. So, I snapped away with the camera on my iPhone. Of course, doing so would obviously cause me to have to remove my hands from my pockets.

Ah...I know what you're thinking... You're thinking...yep, now she's going to get hives on her hands. She should've worn gloves!!

Nope. By some miracle I did not get hives on my hands - despite the frigid ten degree temperature with a minus something wind chill. No, instead I got a huge hive - ON MY EYELID! Caused my eye to swell shut. There's a new one. Must've been the act of LOOKING at all that cold snow!

On my "to do" list today: Ordering a Ski Mask


Pat said...

I hate gloves and seldom wear them. That's why I have pockets. I take them off immediately when I get in the car. If I were taking a picture like you did, they would come off.
Sorry about your eyelid. It's Bentley's fault for being cute.

Diane said...

Oh my word! Girlfriend, you need goggles with a seal; you know, like divers wear! BTW, have you tried the flip-flop gloves? You know, the tips of the fingers are cut out and have a mitten that flops down over the tips of the fingers and flips up when you need the dexterity. There's even a button on to of each glove so you can secure the mitten when it needs to be up for a when you're shopping, etc. I have a couple pairs and I like them. Now, order the googles chicka! I love you my sister!

Many hugs.............