Tuesday, January 03, 2012


The tree is still up.

Anybody want in on the pool as to when I'll take it down? No idea when it will happen.

Today, I made chili - in the crock pot - with ground chuck which I had cooked several weeks ago and stuck in the freezer. I opened up some cans of kidney beans and garbanzo beans and sauce and added a bunch of spices and chopped up a green pepper. Easiest and fastest chili I've ever made in my life. I'm thinking I'm going to start stockpiling cooked ground chuck in my freezer.

Snow. We've got it. Lots of it. It's white and it's cold and I stayed indoors all day because of it. Well, I did walk Bentley halfway up the driveway while wearing my PJs. Here's proof - note the snow is covering the boots. Did I mention we have lots of it?:

Oh, and I drove Olivia the entire way up the driveway so she didn't have to stand in a snowstorm while she was waiting for the bus this morning. (I am a good Mother. Sometimes.) But other than those two times...I stayed in.

I started to clean off my desk. I found a bunch of things that I didn't know I was missing. Amongst them were these items:

I have no idea why I had plastic Easter eggs on my desk. So don't ask.

Let's see...what else? I've had approximately 14 hot flashes thus far (ten of them being in the last two hours...AFTER I ate a bowl of spicy chili.) (I knew that ingesting spicy foods can increase the likelihood of hot flashes. I didn't care. Then.)

I worked on the afghan I'm crocheting for Olivia. I'll post a photo when it's complete. Don't look for it any time soon.

So...that was pretty much my day. What did you do?


Diane said...

You were busy! I am such a slug these days! Like the crochet project. I haven't crocheted in years, but I'm thinkin it's most likely going to be a few more years before I take it up again. See, I'm a slug! Oh well, such is life at my house. Stay warm....oops, forgot about those 'personal summers' you're experiencing!

Many hugs............


Granny Annie said...

I love you day. It was a do-nothing-do-lots day. Snow outside and chili inside, what more could you ask. I'm guessing June on the tree:)

Becky said...

ooh, crock pot chili. gonna have some this week!