Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Elephant Number Two

The second edition in my "Elephant" series... (I've decided to make this a series....) Here's how it goes. Some person in blog land who shall remain nameless (you know who you are...) has suggested that I be more consistent with blog posts.

Here's the deal. I'm in school now. The end.

Where was I? ...oh yes, the elephant...'s elephant (actually you get two for the price of one today...)'s elephants are also residents of a shadow box somewhere in the recesses of my home.

I have no idea from whence they came. They're small (note edge of penny in the background.)

I have not named them. Suggestions?!


Granny Annie said...

Itty and Bitty

Jada's Gigi said...

at least there are no blind kangaroos at your house...elephants are good...;)

Mrs. Mac said...

As long as their trunks are up! Well .. now I wonder who that person was that encouraged you to post? hum ... sneaking away quietly ..

Dinty and More .. suggested names for the cuties.

Trish said...

So cute...and as for names I can't think of a thing!
Dinty and More...hmmm. Ya' think the one sneaking away is guilty? Lol.
Praying for my sister,friend.