Saturday, January 14, 2012

Counting Down....

Two days. School starts in two days.

BUT...I have already read and studied two chapters in my text for one of my TWO classes.

I sense a theme here....has something to do with TWO.

Don't ask me what though, because my brain is fried from studying and I can't possibly think of even one witty or profound thing to say.

I will say this....I received an email from my professor - a "welcome" email, if you will. In it she said, "I love to see how the text of this course plays out in my office." (She's a Licensed Professional Counselor and our text is Human Growth and Development).

She encouraged each of us to "not blow off this course - especially if we are called by God to be counselors..." And as I read those words...I immediately felt the TANGIBLE presence of God in my living room! In fact, even as I type those words now, I am feeling the Lord's presence. He is amazing! Every time I turn around I'm getting confirmation that I'm headed down the right path.

A Licensed Professional Counselor... In time, that will be me...hoping to one day help heal the brokenhearted...

And despite my fear and trepidation...I can do this! Me and God. Ah...the TWO of us. I knew that there was a theme!!


Pat said...

I speak health, peace, success and Gods grace...His unmerited favor over you as you take this next important step in your life. He has appointed you for this very time and place to bring peace in the lives of the confused, broken and abused. He will not fail you!!!
Love you Sherpa!

Sandy said...

Hey Deb,
Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Sorry you didn't get to buy the earrings from my shop. I contacted Etsy and they said it should be an error with your server, not them. If you still want them I can send them to you if you tell me which ones they are.
This is great news. We need more good counselors who truly love the Lord and want to mend broken hearts!

Trish said...

What a blessing you will be to many my friend. In you, they will see Jesus...the wonderful Counselor and the Prince of Peace.
I Love you Deb!