Friday, October 31, 2008

Lady Liberty

Ever since we announced to Olivia that we were going to visit New York City and The Statue of Liberty while on vacation--she was SO excited! She just could not wait to see the statue. It was one of the major highlights of our trip for her and for us as well!

We had decided while on the Liberty Island Ferry that she was going to dress as The Statue of Liberty this year for Halloween. Of course, there are no creepy costumes allowed in this The Statue of Liberty was a perfect choice.

Last week, I thought it high time that I get busy and make her costume. I left the house with the intention of stopping at my very favorite store - The Good Shepherd Center - our local "mission" store. What perfect timing - they were having a bag sale that day....everything you could put in a bag for only $2.00. Anyone who knows me knows that I am an expert at packing and boy, can I stuff lots of things that I probably don't need into a bag! However, right in front of me sat the prize! An old curtain --in precisely the color of the patinaed copper of The Statue of Liberty. Quick! Stuff it in the bag! Then over to another shelf...and there were patterns - Simplicity pattern size 6-8 for costumes....and on the front was a little girl with a witch costume....guess what, the witch just became the statue!

I was blessed to get the fabric and the pattern and a WHOLE BUNCH of other stuff that I probably didn't need for only $2.00. Now to dash home and start working! The crown was easy - just some old oaktag file folders - cut and glued and taped and colored - Wha-la! A Crown!

My plans to construct this really cool torch were thwarted, however, when Olivia came home from school crying that they were not allowed to carry anything in their hands during the parade - no wands, no Liberty Torches. She was so disappointed. "But Mom, how can I be The Statue of Liberty if I don't even have my book and my torch?!" I told her that I would come up with plan 'B'. Plan 'B' turned out to be a fabric and felt 'torch' sewn onto a glove which she could wear on her hand. Technically, she's not carrying anything and Lady Liberty gets to keep her torch!

This afternoon at the Halloween Parade at school her teacher, Mrs. Redfoot, told Brillo Man and I that Olivia was receiving a lot of compliments on her costume. When Olivia came home from school she told me that she received "at least probably 900" compliments on her outfit! Wow - that's a lot!

Olivia and some classmates in the Halloween Parade.

Lady Liberty with her torch raised high!

Lady Liberty and Brillo Man - about to leave to go trick or treating.
Brillo Man wondered if we should have built her a pedestal.
The old rusty stool worked well!

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"
-Emma Lazarus

graven on a tablet
within the pedestal
on which the statue stands.


lady libertys big sister. said...

i love it! How clever and unique. I wish I was there to see her in her costume.

Trish said...

Seeing the Statue of Liberty was such a great experience for me...
Loved everything about our NYC
Vacation and want to go back one day! Your beautiful girl looked adorable and you did a great job on her costume. I always love a
bargain and girl you hit the jackpot!

Mrs. Mac said...

Aaaah, I'm crying tears of joy for your Lady Liberty! Way to go mom on putting the costume together. Dad must have been proud to take her out tonight. Loved the pictures ... thanks for sharing. Hugs

Mrs. Mac said...

P.S. On a cruise a few years back, our ship sailed into NY Harbor during the middle of the night and I set my alarm to be deck side to take in the most wonderful experience seeing Lady Liberty ... picture and all ... very moving.

word verification: polly they're getting more cleaver.

KayMac said...

Wow! Nice work on the costume (& the cute ! Very creative for the torch...I am impressed.

Lori said...

Olivia looked GREAT!!! What a great costume. Good thing her Mom is so talented.

Pat said...

That is by far the most creative torch I've ever seen! Ms. O will remember not only her trip to NY but how creative her mom is.
By the way, she looks adorable!

char said...

How precious!!!

Margie said...

that's awesome! You are blessed and you are a blessing! It's awesome that you use the talents God has given you and you are a good steward of the blessings He has given you! I love the costume, that little girl is SOOO cute!!